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Are you sick and tired of hearing about the new 'Star Wars' movie?


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What movie?

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No. I'm sick and tired about Trump, Gun Violence, Xenophobia, Terrorists, Eating shows on TV etc etc. The Star Wars movie is very low on my list of concerns.

You would think that a movie that already made a billion dollars is a topic worthy of discussion.

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Just about.

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I wasn't around for the first wave of Star Wars, but for as much ridicule as nerds have had to put up with in the past I think they/we've earned some time in the spotlight.

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Are you sick and tired of hearing about the new 'Star Wars' movie?

No. Compared to Disney's, "FROZEN"? -No way! That theme song was truly annoying, in both English & Japanese.

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Yes. Never even seen the first ones. I grew out of stuff like this when I was about nine.

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For me Yes too. The movies don't deliver much new or Original, yep watched the lot out of boredom. There is ONE final craft I want to build our of cardboard. Competition: who guesses it will get a copy.

But I hate movies that are over advertised like Disney stuff and most action/horror movies.

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Definite yes

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I think it will be different for us close to the original film who followed the whole franchise ditto for aliens.

You can only stretch any story so far and than span it over 10-15-30yrs without breaking some story rules.

Prime example The neveending story, Star Wars, battlestar Galactica, rocky, mission impossible. Some Films like Enemy mine are shortened from the book by a1/3rd but work.

ST was one of those overstretched as is Taxi:NY or similar.

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No, because I was aware that it would be mercilessly spammed across media so took steps to make sure that I avoided it. Whether it is a worthy successor to the original three or another disaster waiting to happen like the Ewoks movie or the three prequels, I can do without tons of unwanted advertising by media corporates who want me to be another member of the flock so they can fleece me.

The film I really want to see is the one where media corporate execs and beancounters are mercilessly flogged in full public view. Now there's an idea for a reality show!

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We went to see Star Wars yesterday.

It was OK. Great special effects. Almost no story. Lots of shooting, destruction and killing.

But then the trailers for movies to come - at least all the American ones - were all shooting, destruction and killing too.

Feel like there might be something significant there . . .

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No. It's ridiculous. There is no oxygen in space for colorful explosions, and NO SOUND. How does every place in the Universe have one g of gravity, breathable air, and the same air pressure?


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I haven't watched any of the Star Wars movies till date and don't regret it.

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