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Back in 2001, what technical advancements did you think the world would have achieved by 2021 but which haven't happened?


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Computing world

IT Infrastructure

Secure DNS

No more Viruses (computer versions not C-19 variety)

No more Malware

Enterprise automated OS install

Enterprise automated OS patching

PC as a Service for consumers


Secure certificate signed (getting there)

Secure certificate connections (getting there)

Single packaged applications for all OS (getting there)

Workflow standardization methodologies

* *IT Security

100% secured connections between all devices.

Respect for personal privacy (that was a dream turned into a nightmare by facebook)

Secure communications and collaboration tools

No more passwords (getting there)


Real World

Driverless trains (yes, but not as many as I thought)

Digital assistant (yes, but I though much smarter. My Psion was as smart as the current iPhone, so not much has moved actually)

Maglev to Nagoya (thought they would hurry it up, but it ran into troubles)

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Living on the moon, flying cars, Tardises for all!

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Cleaner environment.

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I thought medical science would have eliminated cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer's, spinal injuries and so on. I also thought plane travel would be faster, like being able to fly from Tokyo to London or New York in 5-6 hours.

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I was a kid at the time ( 2001 ) but a few examples: moving images in newspapers, cereal boxes et cetera, flying cars, androids ( almost there but 99% of the population never interacted with one ).

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Cancer, and immortality

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my VCR still flashes "00:00"

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SSTO Space planes, at least testing if not operational.

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cheap and reliable electric vehicles

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I seem to remember reading a lot about peak oil in 2001, so I expected a bigger move into renewables and I must admit, some kind of oil shock. Shale oil, oil sands, and horizontal drilling have instead kept the oil flowing.

Much more recently, even just a few years ago, I thought we'd have more advanced self-driving tech by 2020 but that hasn't happened and still looks a way off.

Its a society thing, not tech, but I did not expect a rise in inequality/increase in the working poor to this extent. Tech makes things more convenient but life is getting harder for many people.

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Keep the flying cars....

I'm still waiting for better treatments and cures for diseases.

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A cute for cancer and a more rapid pace of technological change that millions of computers should have brought.

And energy weapons that do not require bullets...

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