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Backpack-wearing train users in rush hour have been ranked as the biggest annoyance among commuters, according to the results of a survey released by Japan Private Railway Association in Tokyo. What do you think about that?


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Many people need to carry too much to fit in pockets. Is a backpack any more annoying than a briefcase, a large hand or shopping bag, a computer?

What is most annoying is that the trains are overcrowded on a daily basis. This leads to stress, which makes people take it out on minor annoyances such as backpack carrying. Having to start work at 9 am instead of 8 or 10 can be far more annoying.

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Oh yes; and the wannabe alphas who sit, legs akimbo, displaying their wares and taking up space.

Stop it. You're not fooling anyone.

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In rush hour everything annoys me lol

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Not covering your mouth when chronic coughing or sneezing

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I don't believe that the comment refers to people being frustrated with backpacks on the train, rather they are frustrated with people who don't take their backpacks off, and leave them on while on the train.

Which I also personally hate. Put it at your feet when the train is packed.

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I'd rank nose picking salarymen as most annoying

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I always take mine off, unless the carriage is completely empty. It's very annoying when you get bashed about by a backpack. Or the newspaper reader (broadsheet) who opens his edition into your face. Admittedly, that happened more in London, mind.

Something that used to annoy me here, initially, was when passengers would move away from me (either on the platform or on the train). The empty seat beside me that people would only take as a last resort. I'm glad I don't sufer from paranoia! I soon found out this happens all the time and is not really a slight against you, it's just that some (and I stress that word - some) Japanese feel awkward around foreigners. Especially if you're talking. I don't use my phone on public transport and I don't talk very loud, at any rate...

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Huge backpacks staying on shoulders, taking the space a human could take and smashing against people is near the top surely. It's baffling to me how little concern for fellow human beings many people can have. Another might be the people who stand directly in front of the doors as they open at an express stop and make no effort to see if people need to get off or step out to allow people to get off (preferable) and just stand there until inevitably people have to push them out the door (which I have zero issue with myself).

The newspaper in the face is an amazing one as well. I simply push the paper back to their faces.

People leaving bags on seats of crowded trains (you'll be surprised how little many people will say when you simply pick their bag up and drop it on the floor)

Young and able-bodied people sitting in the priority seats while elderly, pregnant and children stand and they pretend to sleep (i also pretend often to not notice that I'm stepping on their feet).

And my personal favorite, people who push you in or out of the train when it is already obviously moving at an orderly and unstoppable manner already (sometimes my elbow slips backward in spasms what can I say?).

As for the stuff that people do that I don't want to see? Well, I just don't look at them.

It's the passive part of passive-aggressive I'm most ashamed to taking part in.

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I really don't get this considering a lot of people carry backpacks. I think the problem here are people who refuse to "compact" themselves to allow other people to ride. I could list more things off the top of my head that's a lot more annoying than people with backpacks, i.e.: People who sneeze, cough and yawn without covering their mouth, blowing their nose in public, those who complain about being cramped (why are you riding the train in the first place?), those who have body odor and a lot more things. I know that some things are unavoidable, but just remember that there's a reason why people commute in the first place instead of using personal transport

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Turn your backpacks around and put it in front of you

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I always take my pack off before entering any public transportation. I hold it and keep it by my side. Much easier for people to get past me.

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Sometimes it is unavoidable to for commuters, especially business persons and students, to carry a lot of things in their bag. In this case, we have to be generous to it. On the other hand people who wear a large backpack, especially travellers, have to be conscious of this problelm. They can avoid getting crowded train or use limited express. In this way, each of us have to be careful not to bother other passengers around us.

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Biggest annoyance? Not at all. Definitely up there, though. The people with the large bags Simply have to find a way, even if the train is packed, to unstrap and hold the bag at their feet. They take up nearly the space of two people when the wearer keeps it on bag and turns around left and right, swiping at the people around them. Last Week some jerk with a square back pack like the Uber Delivery guys wore his on the train and stood behind me, back to me, so that it was pressed into me and pushing me at an akward angle. I gently pushed back to see if he would get the hint, he did not. So, I asked him to take off the bag, he did not. I couldn't move since I had people to the left and right of me, so I shoved it pretty hard. I was awarded with a dirty look.

But, worse than that are the drunken louts around enkai seasons (or just regular season). They stink, often drape themselves out on train seats, pick their nose, belch, fart, and often shout and even start fights. Not to mention if they are with other people from the enkai they are all shouting and slurring, etc.

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Kanto is still the largest metropol area on the globe. Salarymen are not mainstream as in the 80ths 90ths of last century.

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