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Cats are all the rage these days — bookstores are lined with dozens of photo books featuring cute little felines, and they’re popular online as well. Why do Japanese people have such a love affair wit


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Well, since they are all over the Internet too I suppose you might say the world has this "love affair". I personally like the cat versus cucumber videos.

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I don't think it is a "Japanese" phenomenon. Just look at the Internet.

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Maybe it has to do with the special Japanese seasons or special Japanese soft water.

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But.....the Frogs are coming, so look out cats.

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It's part of their sinister agenda. Next, China. World domination awaits.

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Because they are beautiful and cuddly and comfortable with living in small apartments? They don't need long walks, don't annoy the neighbours with constant barking but delight their human staff with soothing purring. It's not only the Japanese who fell in love with cats.

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Because pretty much anyone anywhere who wants a pet chooses a dog or a cat. This is by no means a Japanese phenomenon.

And, by the by, cats are greatly inferior to dogs.

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Some of people here argue it's not a phenomenon limited to Japan but I have to disagree with that. Their obsession to cats are much more than other countries. Let's not go into conclusion only with some youtube videos.

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@Nerakai Yes but why do you believe that? Anything can be asserted. What is the evidence for "much more"?

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Maybe because maintaining cats is less expensive compared to having kids.

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Nerakari - the Egyptians worshipped cats as divine. Just because something happens in Japan does not make it unique to Japan.

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"these days" ? It has been that way for quite many years.

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Because Japanese are like cats.

Preoccupied with cleaning and afraid to go into the water.

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Because of cat's forehead and their unpredictable behaviors. People in Japan have become to understand these fascination.

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Always had cats.....always will....

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Cats are either aliens, evil, or most likely a superiorly evolved species that has turned us into their slaves.

Still, I'm holding our for for aliens..

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