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Children bullying their peers on social media and via their smartphones is on the rise in Japan. What can be done to deal with this problem?


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As I've said before, don't blame bullying on technology.

It has always been an endemic part of the culture,so needs to be addressed in that context.

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Parental guidance ,and adults leading by example,perhaps?

Has worked for us so far.

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One of the problems is that there’s just no intention to do something against bullying. Of course it’s easy and possible in most cases to filter bullying messages by AI means (you probably have seen how powerful linguistic AI is with ChatGPT) , or to trace the bullies’.IP addresses, to locate and identify smartphones via GPS and antenna or cell data and the like. Then one could immediately confiscate the attackers’ phones or deny access to the SNS account and such to at least preventing further bullying attacks. But nothing of that is done instead, indicating that there’s no interest at all to face the problem, except of some news articles or leaflet campaigning etc against bullying for publics’ own relief.

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piskianToday  08:18 am JST

As I've said before, don't blame bullying on technology.

It has always been an endemic part of the culture,so needs to be addressed in that context.

spot on! If we're talking about bullying online, teach your kid how to block those bullies virtually. I am confident that there are settings on phones and apps that lets them do just that. If all else fails, switch off those gadgets. I've experienced face to face as well as cyber bullying, and the latter is very easy to avoid.

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The Kipling children were taught boxing from the age of 4. They were never bullied.

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How did the bullies know they knew how to box?

When bullies choose a target it tends not to be the kid winning local age group trophies.

Online? I hope they were brought up to ignore anonymous idiots.

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Did you go to school? Kids know who not to pick on.

I guess you were bullied. My kids were not. One reason was possibly that they could fight. Another could have been that they are thick skinned and unlikely to get upset by leg pulling. Not all kids are, maybe their parents could have done better?

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As I've said before, don't blame bullying on technology.

*It has always been an endemic part of the culture,so needs to be addressed in that context.*

piskan well said. took the words right out of my mouth

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@Kipling, to suggest your kids weren't or aren't bullied because they could have been "thick skinned" suggests a lot about their father, don't you think?

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It's time to install the tracking system as an option to smartphone used by children until they become adult. That will prevent children from making unappropriate behaviors through the use of Internet services. Supervising children's behavior in the Internet may not be a good way. However, to protect children from anonymous attacks, they need some controls by adults.

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Put people who bully others on a blacklist and share it with all internet and phone providers so they won't have internet anymore if their name is on the list. That will teach them. Simple solution. That endless talk about what can be done to prevent bullying should stop and real action needs to be taken. Same with schools and companies, kick the students and employees out so they get to feel the repercussions of their actions. Think about the victims, their feelings and state of mind should be priority

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