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China is increasingly putting pressure on foreign companies that want access to its lucrative consumer market to toe the party line on issues such as Taiwan and the Hong Kong protests, for example, and many of those foreign companies are caving into the pressure. What are your thoughts on this?


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Even though I may disagree with the stance, I can respect a business that stands up for what it believes in. If a business is caving into pressure it is not standing up for anything. I don't respect that at all.

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It would be nice to think morality would win over profits but it doesn't seem to be the case

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Well, I won't ever fly Cathay again after their disgraceful treatment of staff.

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But isn't this what the US has been doing for years. Isn't this the same as sanctions and secondary sanctions? Hasn't Trump just instructed US companies in China that they must leave. A more balanced article and discussion is needed.

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They were the ones who decided to establish operations and extensive supply chains in an authoritarian communist state that manages a command economy, so.....what did they expect?!?!

They should be boycotted.

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China has to be boycotted and there needs to be pressure on countries around the world to stand up to this bully. You have to fight the bully. Or they continue with their tactics.

Well, I won't ever fly Cathay again after their disgraceful treatment of staff.

I just came back with them yesterday. Their staff were hands down the rudest ever. I will NEVER fly with them again.

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He who pays the piper calls the tune...

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Simple really. Boycott companies that do this. Most will not sacrifice their secure home market to access an unreliable Chinese market that they could lose any time. Support companies that support human rights.

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It would be rather great if everyone would understand that companies, directly working with China or situated there, are not just one person who makes the decision - there might be hundreds and thousands of workers, who would suffer China's backlash should they "stand up for what is right". From this perspective, the families of such unfortunate workers would suffer less if you and some other "socially responsible" people would boycott them, than to receive a full-fledged bail out of China, which does not consider morality when bullying companies small and large.

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JeffLee, I agree.

Ali & commanteer also.

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Multinationals have been hedging political risk but now it may be impossible to satisfy US and Chinese laws at the same time. Corporate reorganizations or spinoffs may be necessary.

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