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Depending where you live, to what extent have you been complying with the Japanese government's request to observe anti-coronavirus measures during the current state of emergency and quasi-state of emergency?


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Seeing as I hate cigarette smoke, my family and I have not been into eating out anyway.

We wear a mask in shops and stores. We scrub our paws when we get home.

Miyazaki (Nobeoka where I live anyway) has had some strict policies: Masks required in all stores and public transport, Seating every other seat at counters, every other table in dining area, No alcohol served after 6pm, parks closed at 7pm, smoking rooms shut in buildings and malls, outdoor smoking areas no more than 3 people at a time, smoking areas outside of conbinis shut, no drinking or eating outside conbini, conbini and grocery store eat in areas shut.

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Yes, mostly but we are going out today for lunch at a very good local fish restaurant. Maruyoshi. But they can't serve alcohol.


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I wear a mask all the time after stepping out of my door. I also avoid crowded areas, even convenience stores that are a bit packed, I avoid. Good thing that I'm a bit asocial so these measures are quite second nature for me. I also prepare a huge bottle of disinfectant at my front door to clean my stuff before heading back inside.

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I wear a mask on the train and when going into shops, etc.

But when out in the open air the mask comes off. Same when I'm sitting in a cafe or restaurant unless the staff specifically tell me to my face to keep the mask on. Which they don't. Was out for a coffee this morning and most of the patrons had their masks off once they sat down. It's a pretty big cafe, and full.

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And wash hands and gargle when I get home, but was doing that before the rona anyway.

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Bought a house so I don't live in a apartment complex and have too much contact with people. bought a second car so I don't have to commute to work by train. No more going out to eat. Drinking at home. Dojo is closed. It would be bearable if I could work from home, but no.

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If I don’t pay taxes I will be in trouble with the law. If I close my business I don’t make money.


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work as usual,enjoy life as much as possible.

use common sense and dont trust propaganda spreaded by media

spend more time with family.

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I completely ignore what the government says. Some of their recommendations I've been already following whenever we've had a bad flu season.

And I will certainly ignore their recommendation to get the vaccine.

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I completely ignore any "urges" from the government and keep going wherever I want. Tho I do practice social distancing, wear a mask when in public and constantly wash my hands and/or use disinfectant. I stay in contact via messenger with friends but haven't meet them face to face often. Maybe twice or three times since this stuff started and been to a bar once. I freaking miss going out with friends so freaking much.

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Distance, hygiene, no alcohol and trying to make ends meet. The anti-maskholes on public transport and in retail outlets are quite annoying. Luckily, they are in a minority - from what I've seen.

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Suga says jump, I ask how high.

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100% compliance on my part from Day 1 of this pandemic.

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