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Did you watch any of the first week of the Tokyo Olympics on TV? If so, did you find that it helped take your mind off the coronavirus?


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Just the opposite. The scenes of empty seats and ghostly atmosphere in the arenas were stark reminders of this catastrophe.

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It did not take my mid OFF the Covid pandemic. But it gave me a well needed break from the daily Covid/Pandemic stuff on TV constantly. Of course once the Olympics are over we will be back to that.

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No way!

There is so much suffering around the world (in this pandemic) and the money spent on this sporting spectacle could be put to much much better use…

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Japan beats Mexico in baseball. Now 2 wins no losses. The glory of gold will come to baseball. I watch each day with the beer and snack safe at home. My wife is enjoying swim meet and gymnastics events.

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No and no, not thinking about the pandemic much, haven’t all along. No point in stressing. Take precautions, follow the science and get vaccinated as soon as you can, then concentrate on other more interesting things. All things pass, this also will pass.

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I watch it over the internet, mostly tennis and a little football. High quality matches (tennis), but all the covid-related problems are still here, daily

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A welcome break from the endless news, most of which is about covid. I've been up all night for a few nights, so it has been particularly useful.

The opening ceremony, the cycling road race, Women's football, swimming, lots of weightlifting, BMX, mixed triathlon relay, 3x3 basketball. Also some beach volleyball, taekwondo, hockey and trampolining.

The TV athletics coverage, just starting, is usually poor - too much chat in the studio between races when we could be watching other heats or field sports. Maybe they don't want to pay for the video feed, but fewer talking heads and more action makes for happy viewers.

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I'm not into sports anyway, so never watch anything other than the opening and closing ceremonies to start with. This time, I didn't even do that. I don't think I will ever watch any in the future ceremonies either. I got it this time and am therefore pretty much done with the Olympics for good.

TBH, even with 2024 - 2032 already decided upon, I believe the Olympics are going to die off. From what I understood that the 3 next games ultimately all only had one single (remaining) candidate city and Tokyo 2020 will certainly not lead to any increase in candidacies, on the contrary.

I do read the news around the sports event, and it is of course impossible really separate this mess from the pandemic. So: movies/dramas/books/music/going out for a stroll (with all preventive measures, of course) are my source of solace.

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No and No!!! These are fake Olympics, no point watching. Waste of money waste of time waste of food!!!

Even if one watches it, how can it possibly take ones mind of the pandemic with over 4,000 cases and rising???!!!

3 ( +7 / -4 )

I did the first 2 days, but then stopped, not sure why? but the infections rising numbers are always on the mind. LOL

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No. Who could possibly celebrate the corporate theft of $30bn of public money and a criminally incompetent government that has prioritized nationalist vainglory over the public health.

10 ( +11 / -1 )

Nope watch zero. No read ary article regard who won medals. No support from my side.

2 ( +5 / -3 )

Of course not, although you cannot completely avoid it when switching TV channels or watching news on TV or websites. You are Olympics propaganda showered like it has not even been during Cold war on the political field. Well, admittedly there were of course less TV channels and still no online broadcast or websites at those times.

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Yep, archery, judo, ping pong.

Good matches.

-1 ( +2 / -3 )

Yes and yes here. Some of it is rubbish, but picking and choosing I have found some really entertaining events. Sadly they have not covered some of the events that my wife watches abroad on a non-Japanese feed.

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i love watching humans compete.

my mind isn’t on the coronawhatever anyway.

-4 ( +2 / -6 )

No. Just too many other things going on. Can’t say that I have missed it, either.

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follow the science and get vaccinated as soon as you can

that’s kind of funny you know cuz their is no science on the vaccinations. That’s why it’s called an experiment.

-9 ( +3 / -12 )

that’s kind of funny you know cuz their is no science on the vaccinations. That’s why it’s called an experiment.

So in what context do you think "experiment" is used mostly, history? Vaccines are scientifically proven to be effective and safe, there is nothing wrong with recommending them to reduce the stress against COVID, the vaccinated becomes protected against the most dangerous problems related to the infection.

5 ( +9 / -4 )

@FizzBit - Easy just to state that. Give us a bit more on the 'experiment' please. No Science? Really?

How do you think whatever you're typing on was invented? Fell out of the air? Not from an 'experiment' in technology?

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I do find it refreshing to see the news and other shows talking about something other than none-stop Covid PCR results and vaccines.

Vaccines are scientifically proven to be effective and safe.

If that was true, they would no longer be under EUA; they have yet to get regular approval...

-7 ( +2 / -9 )

Yes. Very pleasant. Watched BMX riders recently, very impressive. Monday can't wait to watch ladies' weightlifting super heavyweight class from 8pm. History being made.

0 ( +2 / -2 )

If that was true, they would no longer be under EUA; they have yet to get regular approval...

That is not true, there are many reasons related with red tape that make full approval a lengthy process, there is no evidence at the moment that vaccines are not safe and effective, which is why antivaxxers are getting desperate.

4 ( +7 / -3 )

Have any vaxes using this mRNA technology ever been fully approved. They've been trying long enough, certainly they should have been able to go through all that red tape by now.

Well, that could be because none have even applied for any kind of approval, it is very hard to be approved for something that you are not even applying to. Almost as hard as giving accurate information without trying to mislead with false expectatives.

Do you know what happens with something under EUA that shows evidence of not being safe or effective? it gets taken out of it, that is why it is so obvious that the vaccines are safe and effective, because they have not been taken out of the EUA.

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Oh hell no I did not. I’ll never watch another one of those miserable, corrupt events again.

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Did you watch any of the first week of the Tokyo Olympics on TV? If so, did you find that it helped take your mind off the coronavirus?

Everything about these Games reminds me of the epidemic. No fans anywhere; masks everywhere, except on the athletes, even while they're hugging and yelling for joy in each other's faces, which makes me uncomfortable; and silence at the events.

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I'll just say no and echo all those above who have the sense to not waste their time on such trivial matters.

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Actively avoided them.

Sure, my viewership is a drop in the bucket of millions but I cannot reasonably give my tacit support of the IOC by watching the events. Just encouraging them by validating their position that they can do ANYTHING, even if it causes the deaths of thousands, and they will still get paid. Apparently they are right, but I can't support it in good conscience.

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I have not watched any of it. I like Japan but have no interest on the Olympics. I dont have any time for TV now. To busy with my own life.

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Yes - Loads. Think its been bloody fantastic

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It’s my busiest time of the year, but even it weren’t, I wouldn’t be watching.

Not interested.

Saw a great game of AFL over the weekend, though.

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I watched most games (especially soccer) in a crowded bar where neither the patrons nor the staff are wearing masks. Now what?

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I've not seen any of it. I never usually watch ping pong and other rubbish and I've no desire to start now.

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Watched the game Japan-Spain yesterday in a bar packed with ppl, none of them wearing a mask. Two of the patrons work in other restaurants/bars which might lead to more infections and ultimately to herd immunity. Awesome.

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