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Do you agree with Donald Trump's view that Japan should arm itself with nuclear weapons to deter a threat from North Korea rather than have the U.S. military protect it?


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As an Australian, I believe if Trump becomes President the United States will no longer be a reliable ally to any of our countries. If that is the case, Australian and Japan should strengthen our alliance, spend the money and develop our own nuclear deterant and delivery system. Under Trump the US will become an isolationist nation and unreliable.

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No. One of Trump's dumber assertions and that's saying something. What the world needs is less nuclear armed countries, not more. If Japan and South Korea had nukes you could bet your bottom dollar that NK would say they are being threatened and then all hell could break loose. Try to think things through Dumbo Trump.

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No. This assumes that nuclear weapons are actually a deterant. I'm not sure if that's the case seening as it's almost impossible to imagine a credible scenario where they would actually be used.

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I don't even think the U.S. should arm itself with nuclear weapons. It would be stupid for Japan to start.

Fortunately, strong anti-nuclear weapon sentiment here means that it would be political suicide for a politician in Japan to even mention the possibility.

Anyway, Trump was obviously catering to his coveted and unfortunately large bloc of "poorly educated" voters. They eat it up. His view makes sense to the make America hate again crowd, but ultimately is complete and utter eye-roll-invoking nonsense.

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It's simply not Trump's call whether Japan can or should arm itself with nuclear arms since the Nuclear non-proliferation treaty is a UN mandate not a US mandate.

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First, the US military has not won a war since WWII, so nobody actually believes that the US can protect Japan. That is the actual reason behind Abe empowering the SDF. The US is here to ensure the Asia that suffered under Japanese occupation that Japan will not try it again (i.e., Japan is under the thumb of the US). If the US and Russia had not divided Korea after WWII, we would not have these problems. And about the "unfair deal" as Trump calls it, Japan had just lost WWII and was not in a position to "deal". I know WWII was long ago, so Trump may not know about it.

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if china was to invade the senkakus (or anywhere else in japan for that matter), would the US start a war with china to kick them off? i doubt it. look at the ukraine. they gave up their nukes for the US promise to defend them and what did that get them? sanctions and a lot of talk but the crimea is still under russian control. would china invade the senkakus if japan had nukes? china would have to think long and hard about that one but i doubt it. the fact is that no country with nukes has had its borders encroached.

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First off I like to say that the US military has in the past deployed in secret WMDs and nuclear arsenal on submarines and warships deployed to Okinawa, Japan, Guam, and S Korea.

1) Japan should only obtain Nuclear weapons as a last resort if in the future US is unable to protect its Pacific Allies or if their presence is greatly reduced due to budget cuts, constraints of US military weapons and naval units being shipped to other regions of the world to engage in a US conflict overseas.

2) Japan's development of it's nuclear weapons should only be justified as a defensive measure. It would act as a great deterrent if Russia, North Korea, or Russia is every engaged in a conflict with Japan. Japan has already develop nuclear energy and already has the knowledge to build it's own arsenal of nuclear weapons, the only issue is if whether Japan can protect its nuclear arsenal from sabotage

3) Japan should maintain an arsenal of nuclear weapons AS LONG as it maintains its same stance of peaceful stability within the pacific region. With Abe amended the SDF to aide US military overseas, I believe Japan would be endangering its sovereignty and the safety of its people if Japan is engaged in an overseas conflict with nuclear proliferation.

4) Japan should firstly be concerned with building its naval, air, and land power and have them mutually replace US naval, air, and marine forces based within Japan's territories. A pull back of US forces to GUAM, Australia, and Hawaii will provide US military the flexibility, mobility, and safety of its expeditionary forces to patrol the Pacific region without being vulnerable of being attacked while based in Okinawa and Japan.

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I honestly wouldn't mind too much if Japan had a nuclear deterrent similar to what the UK has, a powerful second-strike submarine-based capability, but no first-strike capabilities

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I don't agree with Japan going Nuke. What I do agree is that the SDF should play the biggest role in Japan's defense and NOT the USA.

A Nuclear Japan is not the answer. But a day will come when Japan realizes it can't have it's cake and eat it too.

Close the bases in Okinawa. The GI's don't like it there anyways. Okinawa's populace certainly don't want the US there. Handle the airspace, territorial boundaries / waters,Senkakus, China and both Koreas all on your own. Its an enormous burden eh? That cake has made you very COMPLACENT hasn't it Japan??

How long will japan remain a protectorate of America?

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If Japan were to have nuclear weapons, it's obvious that there would be a number of countries which would claim their right to have nuclear weapons to protect themselves. There'd be chaotic consequences in the end.

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I think Japan should give us back Okinawa.

I also think they have nuclear weapons already just in case.

Trump still does not realize that Japan pays for everything on the bases except the salaries, and the US military hardware. They also share the bases, so even if America left, the bases will still be used to full capacity.

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thats like giving guns to two 12 year-olds in the middle of an argument.

Extremely bad idea.

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After what happened to Japan in WWII….??

If Japan ever did take up a nuclear deterrent it would be unforgivable to many Japanese.

(That said…it would not surprise me if they already have it but keep it on the hush like.)

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Japan has already had nuclear war heads except delivery system. Reality is not any nuclear armed nation wanted to do first strike. It will get back the consequence of counter strike. US and Russia have stock piles of nuke war heads in their museums. During the Cold War, they were useful for preventing hot war. In fact nuke prevent the wars.

However they have drained resources and time for weapons unlikely it will be used within many decades. Trump may be first US president to start the nuke adventure. If Japan follows Trump idea, it will become Ash tray. Trump is a very dangerous future president for provoking nuke war.

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NK would say they are being threatened

NK already says they are being threatened. They have been saying it for decades.

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No because Mr. Trump doesnt understand the Japan dynamic. The people of Japan were unable to establish a democracy in the true sense of the word due to the US and its reverse course decision, where they allowed the rightist to regain positions and thus remain a deterrent to the growing communism in the region. Many in Japan feel that due to this action by the U.S., they are responsible for Japans defense, since it was the U.S. who helped shape post war japan, for better or worse. Japan on its own with its own nuclear ambitions, who is to say the world will be the same place in 50 years? its not even that static in 5 years. Dare I ponder, but some rightist might want revenge for Hiroshima? As we all know, once the Japanese get technology, they are able to improve and advance it much better than the rest of the world. As long as there is an alliance, that isnt likely to happen, but who knows what the future holds. Seems to be very fragile entanglements the U.S. is involved in.

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Japan is faced by three nuclear nations, ie NK, China and Russia, none of which is particularly friendly.

So far she has shown admirable restraint.

Trump says he wants to make the US great again; does he wish to withdraw Japan's protective shield for economic reasons?

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I totally agree with Horse"view. I don't have to say more.Yes, I agree that Japan should make nuclear arms to protect or deter the threats from Russia and China, don't counting on USA.

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Considering the sheer number of US outposts across the world, not to mention the volatility in Asia Pacific waters, I'd say Japan has had nukes for quite some time.

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I am not surprised TRUMP believes more nuclear threat and missiles are necessary, he might never heard about diplomacy in his lifetime of bullying everybody.

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Sure Japan should arm itself with nuclear weapons to Scare the neighboring countries that way..... That is a no brainer.... Since Parliament in its infinite insanity has left Fukushima Daiichi NPP exposed to the elements to disrupt the ionic frequency of the environment neighboring countries are already scared.....

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Do you agree with Donald Trump's view ..


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