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Do you ever worry about your personal info or data being hacked or stolen online?


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Nope. Not one iota ! If they really want MY identity that bad, they can have it ! :)

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Let them have it. Very few personal details online.

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The rule of thumb is don't worry or fear over every breach but you also can't afford to get complacent or content. In other words how much to worry and what not to depends on what type of personal information or data you learn have been compromised.

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Data tries to be free. Anything that anyone, anywhere, has recorded into a compute will eventually be leaked. USGovt leaked my data. Then my insurance company from 8 yrs ago leaked my data. Then my state leak data about my voter registration and which primary I've voted in (separated by Dem/Rep/Ind). I expect our IRS and ACA sites have already been hacked and I just haven't been told.

Oh - and Toshiba's shipper leaked my purchase record, name, address and phone number.

I don't worry about my passwords or other login credentials being leaked nor do I worry about my personal banking data being leaked - keek less than $250K in each personal account and there isn't any liability.

However, my business bank accounts don't have any federally mandated limited liability. For business banking, I'm extremely paranoid, since once the money has been taken, it is effective GONE. It is next to impossible to prove that the bank is liable.

I work in IT security - formerly worked in telecom and large scale networking? Most people have no idea how poor their security really is and how much leakage they provide almost constantly. Your cell phone is hackable from across the world, for example where voice calls can be recorded, listened to, and your current location requested. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-switch/wp/2014/12/18/german-researchers-discover-a-flaw-that-could-let-anyone-listen-to-your-cell-calls-and-read-your-texts/ The flaws have been known by insiders for 20 yrs and the average telecom worker for 10 yrs.

I'm surprised how many people trade convenience for privacy. Very surprised.

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For a few times, yes. But I usually go to an authorized page when I put my password or personal info in, so I'm not so much worried about it recently. I wonder that's enough. If that's not enough, I need some advices.

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I was hacked repeatedly when I was a Deputy Foreperson on a Federal Criminal Grand Jury, for 18 of the 24 months I served. Every time a certain topic came up, (which was embarrassing to the Bush administration), I would get hacked at home.

Who knew what was said behind those two sets of locked doors? It was all secret.

I no longer trust our Department of Justice, I fear them.

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Nope. but have friends who have had bank details stolen and was really painful for them.

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This whole digital thing is going to end badly, already is for more & more each year, seems NOTHING is safe from hacking & just plain stupidity of people/companies.

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All people regardless of age, need to learn not only how to use computers and other devices but also learning how to take the necessary steps to protect those computers and devices against the hackers and criminals. Late last year my elderly parents in Florida nearly lost a large sum from their bank but fortunately, myself and my brother had previously spoken to them and what do if it didn't seem right.

It did mean scrapping their PC and replacing it with a newer one and cancelling all credit cards and changing their bank details in addition to changing all their passwords. Hundreds of millions of dollars are being stolen online every year. My elderly parents need to use online banking and also for paying their various bills.

I use a password manager, Dashlane which works great and I have 15+ character individual passwords for every site I use. With the help of using Dashlane I also change those passwords every couple of months which only takes me about one hour each time.

I don't open attachments in emails from people I don't know.

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