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Do you feel it is safe to visit the dentist during the pandemic?


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Yes. I am doing it now.

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Seeing as they wear masks and wash their paws, and their office and equipment is steralized of course it is.

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Sure. I went last month.

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I just got a cleaning a few days ago. I went during the afternoon and it was not crowded and with all the rigmarole they were wearing I thought I was going into major surgery. They had on masks, surgical head covers and gowns, full face masks and gloves.

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Why not? I went 3 times last month and I'm fine.Though if I read the fear mongering articles and posters saying this and that,well, I shouldn't even go out the house then.Lock myself down or something dumb like that,no?

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I've been twice since this all started. They changed the rooms used so it's more enclosed to prevent the spread. They're also pretty good at keeping everything clean anyway

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I went last week.

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Sure, went for a cleaning this week. They keep everything very clean, I feel much safer than on the morning train

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It’s as safe as anywhere else during this “pandemic”

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I was there this afternoon for my regular checkup. I'm not going to put my health at risk by skipping the dentist while still having to go to work every day. Oral ill health leads to overall physical ill health.

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If they follow basic hygiene and cross infections rules, that they are supposed to adhere to anyway, why not.

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As long as the staff are not infected then all is fine..,,

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