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Do you find it difficult to sometimes do a social media detox?


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Not at all. Sometimes I can go 20 minutes or more without checking social media.

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social media are a great spying tool.than another tool to annoy users with unwanted/and oftem scammy/ads,dont need to mention open censorship of people opnion,opressing of freedom of speech and yes-dont forget about doouble so called "our community standards" when if you express that you want kill a president of one country/and any hate speech is allowed/ but in case if you will say same about one from other side of globe-you will be a security threat or even suspected terrorists.

fb etc are great time wasters and i have have never regretted that i left a long time ago,


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Found myself here more often in the winter months, equally engaged in all of the daily ‘toxicity’.

Looking forward to getting out more with the good weather.

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Come on now, really? - To deny it is not being 100% honest here but these JT forums are a form of social media, especially used by those with distinct, public personae as an opportunity to advertise their talents and often, candidly share many aspects of the personal lives.

Both good and bad aspects but still “social media”.

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Agreed & even upvoted your evacuation @zichi “from Twitter, FB, etc and “**other **social networks” and about the (although somewhat inconsistent) limitations placed here to curtail whatever comments may disagree with the forum. These limitations seem subject to the prevailing political climate and/or with those in control at any given moment in the day.

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You may consider redacting *@zichi 11:20am *that insinuation you obviously aimed at another poster not currently present**.

Whatever ongoing disagreements you may have with another doesn’t need to be cast me.

*- @zichi 11:20am: “JT is not a social media like Twitter or FB and …snowymountainhell …*

why are you posting about antiquesaving in your comment?”-

That just reads like “blasting” and other possibly antisocial behavior on other social media like FB, Twitter, Instagram, 4chan, Reddit, etc.

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Still seems somewhat disingenuous @zichi 12:18pm. - and hard to believe someone, most likely as they’ve claimed, who reads 6-8 online media a day does not know the terms:

“*blasting** somene on social media*”,

*- @zichi 11:20am**: “why are you posting about antiquesaving in your comment?*

putting someone onblast

*- @zichi 11:25am: “snowymountainhell That will be better for you since you have the highest post rate on the forum.”*


blasting” information to a potential audience or clients ?

*- @11:48am “my business and my clients who are more than 200 people and companies.” *

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Plus, doesn’t require any subscription to ‘Google’, etc a question and attach “Reddit” to it. Anyone can ‘view’ the answers & commentary without subscribing.

*- @zichi 12:18pm: responding to [smh: “That just reads like “blasting” and other possibly antisocial behavior on other social media like FB, Twitter, Instagram, 4chan, Reddit, etc.] *

- “I don't know what that means and never use or visit any of the sites you mention. In fact, I don't visit any social networks because most require you to be a member.” -

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Back on topic please.

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Nope. I don't really use social media, just WhatsApp to keep in touch with people and YouTube for entertainment.

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LMAO! That was hilarious :D

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I do not think so since I consider myself that I'm not obsessed with social media. However, for those who want to make sure their social states or existence by sharing what's-ups with other, it is surely difficult to keep social media away from them. I cannot say whether relying on social media so much or not. But I think we need some time to take a rest by not watching the screens of our devices, and instead, to share what's-ups with someone besides you.

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Depends. On 90% of social media I have zero problem at all. But, if you are talking chat apps like Line and Messenger then I have a hard time not checking/using them each day because I do so for business as well as personal communication. And, I use those instead of the phone to talk -- I have not made one single phone call so far this year except to the post office delivery person because I just missed them. Twitter? Facebook? Instagram? Barely touch them. I would delete them all if it wouldn't mean cutting off family in other parts of the world (and going back to regular email and/or phone calls).

So, I'm going to say "No", for the most part.

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Here and there. I have a fb account but only used it for a business coaching group. Never used Twitter and have no interest in starting. Sometimes comment on Youtube and LinkedIn.

And it's getting easier each day not to check in on JT.

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I just use whatapp and LINE - do they even count as social media? I have no FB, No Insta etc etc. I am pretty sure that nobody is interested in where I go or what I eat.

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