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Do you find it stressful trying to figure out what to give family members and friends for Christmas each year? Do you shop well in advance or wait until the last minute?


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Not really. Just figure out what they need or want the most. The key here is to be observant. The things that they usually need or want will most likely be mentioned by them frequently in your everyday conversations. I tend to buy stuff by November or late October so as to avoid any Christmas sales which could make you buy stuff just for the sake of getting a bargain. Another key thing is to buy them not all in one go but little by little so as to avoid raising suspicion from your household and would be easier on your wallet.

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"Presents that are not food for adult family" isn't part of my Japanese side of the family's culture, for them I wait a week after Christmas and bring onenga edibles for the New Year, so that's not a problem. Husband and I stopped doing bday/anniversary/Christmas presents years ago, we go out to eat instead so no worries there either. It is hard to think of and send presents back home to U.S. family who continue to send me gifts when you've not had a face-to-face conversation for years. Thanks for the reminder JT I should do that this weekend so I can mail them off promptly!

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Keep it simple. Dad gets a tie. Mom gets an apron. Everyone else gets a fruitcake.

Last minute of course, the later you get the fruitcake the better.

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Dad gets a tie. Mom gets an apron. Everyone else gets a fruitcake.

Dad's retired, don't need to wear ties no more.

Anyone who gives this Mum an apron (=your place is in the kitchen, cooking up grub. Or scrubbing the floor.) gets a steely stare and a pair of grey socks for their next birthday.

The best fruitcake, especially in Japan, is home-made. Ours is sitting in the kitchen soaking up small, daily sprinklings of brandy before the marzipan and icing go on next week.

For the grandkids - ask their Mum what they want, that way the kids are happy and their Mum isn't tearing her hair out over the pile of unwanted junk in the play corner.

Biggest headache is grown-up kids - the two I gave birth to, and the one I married. They've all got enough money to buy for themselves anything they really want, so I tend to go practical with toiletries, or just ask them what they want.

Overseas family get chocolate - what I would want if I were them.

Merry Christmas!

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My large extended family assigns a Secret Santa for each person and gifts for children, nieces and nephews. I thoroughly enjoy Christmas as a time to spend with family and get away from work.

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I always tell myself, "its November Papi, time to buy xmas presents and cards for the family". Its now 1 week in December and I still haven't bought anything. Every. single. year. I have a gold star in procrastinating.

Btw solid advice from Toshihiro.

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No. I don't understand those who stress over buying a present. If in doubt buy a book or book token.

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I always take the family to a fancy restaurant, no gifts.

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