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Do you find it stressful trying to figure out what to give family members and friends for Christmas each year? Do you shop well in advance or wait until the last minute?


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Nope. It's so easy nowadays that we have Amazon, Rakuten, Mercari, etc.

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I wait until the last minute....then I wait some more...pretty soon the whole silly season is over and its February already...

4 ( +6 / -2 )

Nope,cos nowadays we spend any money we have left on experiences together,rather than useless rubbish.

2 ( +3 / -1 )

It's not stressful at all when you don't give anyone anything. Nothing to think about.

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Cards done at the start of December as the post is ropey here now. Gifts (mainly chocolates) posted direct from Amazon or at the local PO early December. Amazon vouchers for any kids so they can get what they want. I tend to buy later as I'm busy with work. Toughest gift choices were those for close adult family members, as we had been getting each other stuff for decades. In the end we decided to just get some edible treats each year, that we knew the recipient liked, or a CD that they wanted. Not sure what to get? Stuff doesn't have to be expensive. Sweets, biscuits, matcha, Japanese Kit Kats, gardening vouchers, warm accessories (base layers, thermal gloves, hand warmers etc). DVDs were a great gift and are still given in my family. Reduce waste: Use gift bags rather than wrapping paper. Unwanted gifts can be gifted on or donated to charity shops. And if Christmas is stressing you out, gift yourselves something: a new sofa perhaps, or a holiday.

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For my younger family members I ask what they are into these days around summer or fall and shop accordingly then send it for Xmas with a bunch of other goodies they might like. Hit em with the guarantee and the cheap maybe they will like it lol

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My wife handles the shopping. Mainly online.

I pay for it.


2 ( +3 / -1 )

I tell people, look. I don't have time to guess.

I got things to do.

Just give me your top 3 and we'll see how it goes.

An "I don't know" means you get nothing.

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Since we don't "do" Christmas, Christmas does not "do" us.

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Since we don't "do" Christmas, Christmas does not "do" us.

Hello mate! May I ask why you don't celebrate it?

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Aly Rustom

   Since we don't "do" Christmas, Christmas does not "do" us.

> Hello mate! May I ask why you don't celebrate it?

We are Buddhists. Supposed to be a Christian holiday.

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No stress at all - nobody gets a thing from me. I do send birthday gifts though - Amazon or Apple Store cards.

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Being a dad with young kids I find trying to figure out what will make them happy on Christmas morning in the weeks leading up to the big day to be one of my favorite things.

This year its a bit stressful since work is much busier than usual, meaning I don't have as much time for planning/shopping, etc. I think I'll be able to pull it off though.

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No money to buy so no stress. I just give my smile.

3 ( +4 / -1 )

I pick up things throughout the year, especially on my travels so I usually have nice and tidy gift pile come the holidays.

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We are Buddhists. Supposed to be a Christian holiday.

I see.

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If you're stressing over what to buy someone for Christmas, then you missed the point of Christmas. Perhaps why “Xmas” is the better label. Pure capitalism, probably the reason why US consumer debt is so high. Work hard to pay your debt down, come Christmas start stressing on what to buy, then Max out your credit cards, and repeat. Happy Xmas everyone.

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I usually buy 2 months in advance and just hide the gifts so I don't have to deal with the rush. The catch is if they bought the same thing as my gift, that will be a problem for me. I don't stress over it, I always observe what they want or need by how they talk about things.

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It's not stressful.

I have a daughter and little do I know about women's fashions.

So I just give my daughter money so that she can buy whatever she likes.

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No and sort of.

Not stressful because not many to buy for and my budget is limited and I try to shop way in advance.

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