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Do you have any suggestions for helping people suffering growing stress and depression from the coronavirus outbreak, especially those who have lost their jobs or are in self-isolation?


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Self-isolation doesn't mean that you must stay inside. Walking solo around neighborhoods away from crowds would be safe, do good to the body and mind.

When feeling down, just log off and stay away awhile from corona-related stories, most of which are damn depressive.

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All I can say is this:

Get your news directly from websites or minimize your consumption of news. The media loves to selectively hype and cut out aspects of current events.

Take this opportunity to take care of your health and spend more time with your friends and family (minimize going outside, just go online). Who knows, you might find connections to a new job from the people you know
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Don't watch CNN or MSNBC, don't touch your face with your hands unless you've just washed them, and know this will pass.

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Spend time in nature, but away from other people outside your household.

Setup weekly video chats with friends and family using one of the many free video chat services, just not Zoom.

Read a book you've always wanted to read, but never took the time before.

Nothing says we have to stay inside. We just need to stay away from other people.

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Play a lot of music, if you play an instrument whatever that may be, play it, listen to the radio, iTunes, Spotify (avoid the Dixie Chicks and Taylor Swift) watch videos, download or rent movies and if you have kids think of fun and creative ways to kill the time or go somewhere to a more remote spot, the hills, mountain, beach, river etc. chill a bit, but do it safely and cautiously.

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Try something new like start to learn a language or take up a new hobby. Finish something you’ve started but haven’t had time to finish. Improve your skill set so you can come out at the end with more opportunities than you’ve had in the past...

and even though it may not seem like it we’re all in this together so see you at the end of it!

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And play as much of the Dixie Chicks and Taylor Swift as you want!

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Structure your day and make a schedule for a variety of activities, exercise, taking walks, reading, cleaning, cooking, etc. And switch off that garbage oozing out of your TV.

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Think of ways to make money and reinvent yourself, especially if your current career is not going to be much to go back to. Try to find a business you can start, however small. It's better than relying on people to hire you and pay you fairly in a bad economy. Since you can't go out, make new connections on the internet. You can always meet them later when the lockdown stage has passed.

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Focus your energy and action on things you can control. This doesn't mean ignoring the news, but worrying too much about the parts that are outside of your control (the spread of the virus outside of your immediate area, the overall economy, etc.) is a waste of mental resources. Being proactive about things within your sphere of influence will help you feel better and put you in a position where you'll be ready if an unexpected opportunity comes along. In the current situation, I'd focus on things like building habits that are good for your immune system (exercise, good nutrition, structured sleep patterns) and searching for work that can be done online.

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Practice self-love.

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