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Do you like tofu? If yes, how do you like to eat it?


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LOVE it!

Hiyayakko is my favorite. Or in a salad. Those are my favorite ways, but I'll eat it pretty much any way.

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Raw, mabo tofu, in miso, it's my replacement for rice.

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We eat baked Tofu most days. In miso soup. In soups and nabe. Best of all when making the chocolate cake I use a block of plain Tofu too. Vegans use Tofu to replace eggs.

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I buy the hardest yakidoufu, cut it in small cubes, fry until crispy on the outside in oil and garlic and then add fish sauce. Otherwise, trying to impart any taste into tofu or tempeh is hard but this works well.

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Agedashi-dofu! An izakaya staple! I don't go often these days, but order it every time.

Since no-ones mentioned it, kitsune udon too.

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For fans of yuzu, yu-dofu too.

I should go out more to good restaurants and not the rubbish that keeps my kids happy.

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I enjoy Tofu putting on top of the rice. Recently, I’m into my original donburi: rice, tofu, natto, egg, vegetables, nuts, extra virgin olive oil, rock salt, soy sauce, sometimes chicken. I can’t help eating this delicious and healthy meal everyday.

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Deep fry and dash some chopped Nagi mushrooms and crumble nori

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Beachy: Sounds excellent but Olive oil ? yeah na sesame oil, Olive oil is so over rated.

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Some may not know but you can squeeze a lot of water out of yakidoufu to make it more amenable to frying. Usually, I put the tofu on a plate with another plate on top and then some kind of weights on top of that. In an hour or so a lot of water is squeezed out.

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I like this sweet, warm Chinese tofu pudding called Daohua. It's basically just tofu in sugar syrup. It's yummy and a great comfort food.

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Tofu is one of my favorite foods. I eat it in any way, raw, in salads, in miso shiru, I put it in soups, in sukiyaki, sometimes I eat it with somi tsuyu and wasabi, its a great food.

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Good to hear that so many like it.

I work in a tofu restaurant in the Ryukyus,and we're inundated with customers.

For me,agedashidofu with the secret sauce ,(originally intended for a chicken casserole dish),that my mother taught me.

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I once made the mistake of buying a product called "long life tofu" in the UK. It came in a tetra pack.

For over a year in Japan I assumed this is how tofu was. Then one day I ate agedashi tofu in an izakaya...

Whoever makes long life tofu should be ashamed.

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I like it. I often eat tofu after cooling it off in the refrigerator. I add a small amount of soy sauce on tofu, making it great match of the taste of tofu. Also, tofu is used as many forms, such as 麻婆豆腐. Tofu goes well with lots of cuisine.

Furthermore, tofu can be changed into sweets. Recently, we see many kinds of tofu sweets, such as ma-cha taste and chocolate taste. At first, it might look weird to you. However, once you taste it, you can be obsessed with the unique taste and texture of tofu.

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Zaru-tofu green onions, crushed ginger and soy sauce.

Eat it just like that especially on a hot day.

In winter a nice big piece of kinu tofu with Motsu Nikomi poured on top if lucky it will be horse Motsu Nikomi from the Yakitori place not too far from my place.

Sadly the local tofu maker closed, the elderly couple were finding it too tiring so retired closing the business.

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I don't eat it every day. But, I do like it in various forms: Inari sushi, agedashi, kitsune udon, in sukiyaki, dessert style, Korean soft tofu soup, and probably a few others I can't remember right now.

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