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Do you personally know anyone who has been infected by the coronavirus? If so, how are they doing?


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A friend in the UK tells me his young daughter caught Covid-19 so the whole family were in quarantine last week. She got better, but then his one-year-old boy started a bad cough. I have been in regular contact, as he and his wife took turns keeping watch over him each night. Yesterday I heard that their little boy is getting better now. He also told me that someone at his daughter's school had apparently died, but the authorities are not releasing any more information about that.

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Nope. Been in contact with friends and family in about 10 different US states and 10 countries the last week.

We expect to get it sooner or later, especially the medical doctors and nurses. Hoping to put it off until good OTC drugs are known to lessen the symptoms.

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Quite a few girls I follow on social media say they have caught it and are pretty upset. Sure, the donations they are asking from followers are a little steep but this is a hard time and we need to dig deep.

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Yes, someone I know in London, but she's fine.

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I don't know anyone who has got it, but I know quite a few people in the UK who are struggling to get basics like toilet paper and pasta because of all the panic buying.

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Placido Domingo.  He is fine.

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My wife and I had the classic symptoms after coming back from Taiwan in mid-December. Took three weeks to get past it. The cough was constant and annoying even making it difficult to sleep. Never went to the doctor for even a flu check. They were not testing for it then and still are not.

I do think it has been around a lot longer than they are telling us.

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Have friends from around the globe and spent the last two years living in Asia; noone I know has caught the virus.

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Nobody does. As it is not real. Ask that question even louder and nobody will answer that they know someone personally.

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I have not met one person, I'm in dallas..everyone keeps asking me the same thing, "do you know anyone with corona" answers still no...smh it's a different world online I swear...

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