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Do you remember when you first sent or received email? What was your reaction?


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I was ecstatic! I remember reading in the subject line "You may have won a million dollars!"

Then I opened it and clicked on the link. Now I hate opening emails

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The first email I received was from the Nigerian Prince asking me for money. I was a gullible kid at that time and told them they got the wrong person and never got a reply back. I remember being anxious back then and thought that police were going to arrest me or something

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My first email account was called Colormail. It was just like Hotmail but more colorful. Pretty exciting stuff.

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It's been more then 30 years. Before Windows 95 or even Windows 3.1

How should I remember?

I was playing around with UNIX at the time during Uni.

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I think it was a yahoo account that I used on a computer at the city hall because I didn't have a computer or internet access. I think I was surprised that it was free.

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Got my first email in the late 90s (quite late, i know. always been a late bloomer when it comes to technology) when i went backpacking around the world. Couple of months into the trip, Indian bloke told me eudoramail 'were the best, everyone's got one etc' so i got one; turns out nobody knew/used them! Did the job though.

Thought it was pretty cool/handy and a great way to stay in touch with ppl while traveling.

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I had a hotmail account, right when hotmail came out. Before it was even Microsoft!

Interestingly enough, my wife mentioned hotmail the other day, and my son asked what that was.

We're still in the earliest early days of having the internet as a species, and already major players have sprung up, been bought out, and disappeared. Like My Space! I wonder how Tom is doing.

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Holy Hell! Prince Mgutombe of Nigeria wants to give me 100million dollars!

And this totally legit looking AOL add wants to connect me to horny housewives!

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I actually emailed Steve Case before people knew who he was, and he emailed back

If ya guys don't know who Steve Case is, that's how new email was back then, lol

(And I used to get erroneous emails from people due to my name - because people back then didn't yet understand how email works)

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I don't remember well when I received an e-mail from somebody but I helped scam and fraudulent e-mails written in English to ignore them, not to answer them, their endless ways to send messages of 'small amount of money ' to the procedure works well to get the 'big' money remuneration from their billions of dollars money laundering. I remember myself doing Youtube private messengers that doesn't exist anymore after Google takeover the videos channel their way. It was interesting virtual love letter messengers with some ladies (not real to say by their photos on their channel pages.) Facebook is doing that now and probably Tweeter, too. Now you have WhatsApp or LINE doing the same ( with much friends, not that virtual relation anymore). All of that started from Youtube, I find nostalgic the 2007 to 2012 messengers.

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Don't remember but I guess it was like "welcome to AOL" or such.

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Wasted my young time on MSN Messenger by being chat friends with stranger girls who I never happen to met.

And what happened to Japanese Hi5 site? Was better than FB.

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Part of my job, back then, so not a huge deal. That said, I did think "how nice, a way to communicate instantly. This won't lead to any misunderstandings..!"

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Yeah, it was all ascii. Soon after, Netscape appeared and was practically the only browser and nobody outside our circle had even heard of the internet. As soon as that appeared, people were already seeing dirty pictures.

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I was still a kid and we had signed up for AOL, I think I was too young to really understand how revolutionary it was, to me at the time it was just the new normal. Not like I had sent much mail by myself at the time.

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I think the first email I ever sent was with Yahoo in 1997. But it could have been Hotmail too. Still have the Yahoo, 22 years but don't use it anymore.

I how have email under control and get less than 10 per day. The junk goes into the junk folder and deleted.

I now use the message service more.

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Hotmail, the version by that Indian guy who sold out to Microsoft in 1998, after which it all went pear shaped.

Still have the account, accessible, unlike the Outlook version which locked me out due to a security glitch 2 years ago.

Gmail and aGoogle are a bit more savvy, customer-relationswise it seems.

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Oh yeah, I was 12 at the time and my 'boyfriend' got an email address so I begged my parents to let me have one. I signed up for hotmail and the first email I got was from him breaking up with me.

My poor prepubescent heart.

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Not sure if it could technically be considered email, but I had Prodigy (anyone else remember that?) which had all sorts of online communications stuff via a good old dial-up modem. Certainly ahead of its time.

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To remember something so trivial I would have needed to have a blissful childhood.

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Yup! It was quite something. I was impressed by the distance of from where the message came and the speed it took to arrive. First message was on a private server. I used Pine on a Unix terminal to read it. Later, I had a free account at Hotmail, before it was owned by Microsoft, when they were still using image maps for toolbars.

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