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Do you still send Christmas or season's greetings cards by email or post or have you given up on all that?


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Yes, of course, it’s a disliked but also somehow unstoppable obligation.

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I greet them personally instead. It has a more personal touch especially if done via video call

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Christmas cards by post. Not artistically gifted enough to create my own but respect to anyone so capable.

Electronic cards or video call seems so cold, like you couldn’t be bothered to write something personally.

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I send Xmas fruit cake instead just like all my relatives do.

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We still send some New Year cards but we use Line more. Before it would take several hours to write cards.

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Christmas and birthday cards by post, with nice stamps on the envelopes. The more digital the world becomes, the more physical, tangible stuff may matter to people.

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We've long since given up. The ridiculous costs of the cards and postage put us off. As well as the lack of cards from overseas. Most of my elderly family who used to send them to have all passed away. The younger generation doesn't seem to bother. Now we send a lucky Japanese New Year's card with Seasonal Greetings. Just add ¥80 or so in stamps and you are set to go.

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who we used to send them to

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I send Christmas cards to customers, and the ones in the US and Australia tend to get a kick out of the Japanese-style ones, while my Japanese clients like the Australian ones. Close family get them as well.

But they are a pain to write when there's so much else to do, and I always procrastinate in sending them.

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It is a good way to keep in touch. As a result I still have friends in my birth country despite having lived in Japan for half a century.

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Every year until she died, my mother sent one of those commercial Christmas cards which made me happy. I knew she always bought a box of Christmas cards in January at sales prices and kept them until needed again.

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I send cards printed in Japanese to fam back in the USA and English printed cards to friends here in Japan.

Keep 'em on their feet.

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No, waste of time and money. If I only care about contacting you once a year at Christmas, then sorry, you are not important enough in my life to even get a card. I also do not want to only get a "Merry Christmas" message from "Auntie Jean" once a year.

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I send Christmas cards with a small gift to those in my inner circle. It's a tradition of mine and I don't see why I shouldn't continue it.

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Not to anyone under 70

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By card as it's personal greeting.

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I text. Easier. Faster.

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