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Do you think Christmas illuminations should be displayed in Japan's cities this year or should they be canceled or curtailed in order to save electricity?


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Shine them lights!

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How long are we going to live in the after effects on 3/11? Does everything need to be so "dark and Gloomy"? ( No pun intended.) Yes, it's a waste of electricity, but how about showing the world that Japan is trying to move on from the March disaster....

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Bright Christmassy lights will cheer people up and encourage them to go out and spend, and that will help the country. Of course they should be displayed. Keep up the other energy-saving measures, and show the world that Japan isn't cowed by the worst earthquake nature has ever chucked at it.

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I think they could start the illuminations a bit later than normal, maybe Dec 1 instead of early November.

I understand the reasons, though. Last year, a restaurant manager at Tokyo Midtown told me that when the illumination is there, people come to see it and while they are there, they spend money in shops and restaurants. So I guess the economy needs these displays.

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Japan could use some Christmas cheer. Bring on the illuminations!

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Agree with all of the above. Japan needs some Christmas cheer!

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I think they should have them for sure. Maybe they could even have donation boxes to help raise money for reconstruction. I think that's how Kobe's illumination started...as a way to bring cheer and raise money after the Hanshin earthquake.

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I'll only post this once (you making a point Zichi :) )

I don't object, as stated above, the consumption isn't that high, and they can be the first to be switched off if we get to a high threshhold. I wonder why they aren't with us all year - they look great, and not being a Christian country, doesn't need to be just in December.

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I agree that perhaps starting things a little later, and using LED lights, would make the place more festive and not require all that much more electricity than usual. People or companies could compensate by using less in other areas if they are truly concerned.

That said, I do know a few displays that use HUGE amounts of lights that might want to tone down a bit. For years now there have been rumours about the Kobe Illuminairie event being cancelled due to lack of donations vs. cost of putting it on, so perhaps that might be one for the chopping block (sad, but still). Otherwise, again, I don't see what's wrong with being decorative and spreading a little cheer.

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Cancelled of course. It is a ridiculous waste of energy to begin with. Even more ridiculous now given what has happened this year.

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Why not shave a a bit off the defense bill to pay for the illuminations? I'd much rather see Christmas illuminations that mud colored trucks and helicopters.

-4 ( +2 / -6 )

That's the way to think @ssway. Turn off the lights and watch people who love the Xmas holidays to go somewhere else. Taking money out of Japan. WRONG ANSWER!!!!

Although the true meaning of Christmas has been distorted by Japanese there is still one common fact that most people know. We turn those lights on so Santa can see through the night and find our homes.

What it really means is this. We make our homes, parks and cities beautiful so that hopefully some love and positive energy fills our hearts. That's the Christmas Spirit!!!

Now more than any time in Japan's history we need those lights on. Japan needs to shine. To honor those who have moved on, the Christmas trees need to shine brighter than ever. A little message to those that have passed away. We continue on, so let them shine.

Do it for the children. I hope all those kids who lost their homes get a visit from Santa this year. Bring them gifts.

To the President of TEPCO - You Scrooge!!! May the Ghost of Christmas Past haunt your no-good non-resigning (cough) till you wake up screaming in a cold sweat.

-5 ( +5 / -9 )

I hope to see illuminations. But needs of electricity for daily chores, companies' operations and public transportation should take precedence over such amusements. If it is possible to spare energy for an amusement without hampering other businesses, I want them to do so.

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I really hope they do! It would look and feel dull without Christmas illuminations.

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What about Hanaka and a few menorahs?

KFC has Santa dressed up already. Isn't it a bit early?

-1 ( +3 / -4 )

Canceled-no.Curtailed-maybe. Just don't start them that early this year. A week or two before Xmas will do.

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Light them up! As others have said, it will attract custom and help the economy. There arent really words to describe this year in japan. Talking to people living here, from all walks of life and countries, it has most certainly changed a lot of folks perceptions on life and what is important to them. As this year packs up its and heralds in a new one, never more so a time to appreciate that we are alive and how precious each day is. Live each one to its full potential. You never know what Fate might throw your way.

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Quote from Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens .... Bah Humbug!

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Back for more.

How is this a power drain on the city? Christmas doesn't have to be cancelled. We have all the energy we need from the sun to power our lights all night.

Lets use LED lights and use a solar charger during the day. I'm sure we can save.

All through Japan they stopped and they stared. Upon hearing her words they suddenly became aware. Using LED lights they knew what to do. Christmas is saved thanks to Cindy Lou Who!!!

-2 ( +4 / -5 )

No,there is enough light in Japan,even in Winter. These illuminations have nothing to do with the "Spirit of Christmas" etc. If we could help needy people with the amount that would be saved, that would be a better demonstration of love or an encouragement.

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Love Christmas,and am currently writing my letter to Santa, on behalf of my grandchildren of course. Will put up the Christmas tree after adding a few more toys to the decorations.Will have a roaring logfire, turkey, make the cake and put the presents under the tree.Will put up the lights and brighten midwinter with light and fun.I am aware that just 1 percent of the Japanese population are Christian, does that matter? To me no, just come along and enjoy.

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Christmas is my favorite time. This year i wil put the lights on my balcony and on my little Christmas tree. I saved electricity in the summer already. For Christmas i cannot stop myself showing i am happy through my celebrations. I hope the cities will also put lights on and keep usual pretty decorations, it makes everyone happy. :)

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It's at night. So it wouldn't drain the power completely. Yeah !!!!! Crank them up.

Xmas cheer is much needed now.

2 ( +2 / -0 )

No way.

Japan's Christmas lights are the best in the world. We need cheering up so I say make them even brighter and better this year.

I think we should have Halloween illuminations too.

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The US tried this in 1973 because of the so-called energy crisis. Bad idea. Christmas lights use very little power and help encourage sad hearts.

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The nasty, tacky stuff they call Xmas decoration here? I would prefer the 'saving' thing carry over so I don't have to see the horrific sights of "X'mas" here. Shame they can't be done like places like Germany with nice white lights and decorations. Instead it looks like a cheap Chinese Xmas factory exploded!

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I really enjoy the lights and spectacles of late. However I think Japan should take the lead to stop the waste and commercialism of what was a wonderful celebration of family and friends. What was once "Christ"mas is now "spend"mas. These are times of crisis, go to the local church, temple, or house of prayer, light a candle and reflect. There's much support needed out there, worldwide. Cheer up yourselves by volunteering.

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They should cancel the lights not only in Japan but everywhere too. Waste of energy.

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Christmastime is greatest time for ganbaro! Yes,light up the country!

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Let's celebrate Xmas by mass consumption,KFC,love hotels and ..Xmas lights!

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Light the lights,

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Can't 'save' Electricity - If there is sufficient wattage available, light them up. Life must go on.

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..and before anybody else harps on about the Pachinko industr, please take into account that the turnover from Pachinko is estimated to be 29 trillion Yen a year. Yes, thats 380 billion Dollars. Twice the turnover of the Japanese Car industry and around the same value of illegal drug trading on the whole planet. Lets assume that they pay 40-50% of the tax that they should pay, its hardly something Japan is going to outlaw!

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As rainman1 notes, "saving" electricity on a community level only means something if the grid is maxed out. If supply is ahead of demand then you may as well let the lights shine.

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Light 'em. They bring joy to (almost) everyone. Always some grinches around (as seen above).

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Mod: Why have you removed my comment regarding Pachinko last night? It IS related to this topic and there are mentions of this within this thread. If you remove my constructive comment abotu this, then all matter of Pchinko should be removed from this thread. Sort it out.

Moderator: You're on the wrong thread. The subject is Christmas illumination displays, not pachinko.

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