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Do you think having female quotas in college admissions, government and company management positions is reverse discrimination against men?


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Well, yes it can be if stated just like that but if it is for righting of historical or current discrimination then some may make the case that it is acceptable. But it also depends also on how big the quota is.

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If the goal is to attract more women then it may not be the best way to go about it. Perhaps rethinking the job or course contents to make it more suitable or attractive for women. For example offereing flexible working hours and a creche would go along way to attarcting women into a job. Make length of service less of a priority. Get rid of all the useless and stuffy ojisans who don't do anything. And yes of course it is sexism to chose one gender over another for gender.

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It's forcing companies to have females in the workplace just because of the mandates, not because the companies want them there. It's like the "token" culture of western media, where every present-day series must always have certain members of the the demography. The thing is, even if there are a required number of females in a certain company, it doesn't mean that they'll be safe from passive-aggressive discrimination.

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A few years ago several medical universities (including the elite Tokyo Medical University) were found() to have been deliberately downward adjusting the entrance test scores for women - a civil case was brought and won against those universities. (Via a request for internal investigation, not by a subpoena for records to be confirmed externally).

That's not a direct answer to the question but perhaps it could be included as circumstantial evidence to ponder while answering the question.

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Absolutely, it is illegal according to the Constitution and a number of organic laws...

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Quotas are usually a last resort solution to impose the end of an existing discrimination or at least guarantee a limit to the existing discriminatory practices: ideally they shouldn’t exist, but the reality says none of the other measures are taken to ensure women of the same competency as men are given their due by colleges, companies and governments. Thinking that in the current situation in Japan quotas might discriminate against men is surreal, as men enjoy at the moment a wildly discriminatory culture against women. Unless you think that the low percentages of women in the places were quotas might be applied is due to women’s lack of capacity or just to random chance. In that case, you probably also believe in Santa, merry Christmas.

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58.7% of males and 58.6% of females of college age are enrolled in universities and junior colleges. What quota are you going to make?

I’m more worried about people today not having the initiative or a drop of curiosity to spend 30 seconds to research facts.

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In many of such cases it’s then not only discrimination against men, but against the women and their own family income themselves. Then they have the one vacant job and the related workload and stress, but at lower salary, while the men don’t have that job and not even the on average lower income of women but just none. That brings a few women into careers, yes, but at what costs? Even less marriages, children, more crimes, divorces and all such developments triggered. If that’s it what’s wanted, yes, go ahead on your misleading ways over the edges.

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Any hiring on quotas and not merit is by definition discrimination.

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Discrimination is discrimination and no matter how you dress it up intrinsically wrong. Doing this is to virtue signal without dealing with the underlying causes and thus leaving them unaddressed and festering.

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