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Do you think it will be bad for Japan if the ruling Liberal Democratic Party gains control of the upper house after Sunday's election?


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Of course. Japan is back to its bad old ways after the supposed arrival of a two-party system. The phrase 'benign dictatorship' when describing Japanese politics in the years after WW2 is still relevant today.

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The ruling Liberal Democratic Party WILL gain control of the upper house after Sunday's election. It's a foregone conclusion. Will it be bad for Japan? A one-party dictatorship under the present PM sounds scary. If things go really bad for the average person living here ... then hopefully the voters will act appropriately and change things.

Hang on gang ... we're in for a wild ride ...

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Absolutely, should be glaringly obvious!

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They win, the Japan we know is doomed!

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Restarting the reactors, raising the consumption to 10%, joining the TPP, revising article 96... yes.

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No drastic changes expected whether good or bad.

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Why do you even ask?

Of course it's disaster!

Abe further changing the constitution and antagonising the Koreas and China, taking aggression to the brink and possibly beyond. Crashing the country's economy with TPP. Building more nuclear reactors and opening old ones. The rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer.

I don't know why it's called the LIBERAL democratic party. It's democratic in the sense of North Korea is democratic and it's not liberal at all. It's ultra right-wing. Abe's party is conservative.

God knows Japan needs change, but Abe is not the one to do it. He's an American puppy dog, along the lines of Konezumi (sorry Koizumi) and Blair. He will reorganise the country - to benefit the U.S.A. And that's going to mean a war or two somewhere up the line.

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I think you may be going slightly far comparing Japan under the LDP to North Korea and I have noticed that you like to paint Japan as the aggressor when it comes to South Korea and China when that couldn't be further from the truth. I think you need to look at Japan's situation objectively.

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to A Realist. Strong and intelligent do not need to be mutually exclusive qualities. Although the LDP seems to excel in producing strong but unintelligent leaders. Abe is riding a trend by appealing to the nationalist and by leveraging economic fixes that are unsustainable. Like a typical Japanese pop act that sells a million copies and then disappears into obscurity.

What Japan needs is an inspired, intelligent leadership. One that recognizes that strength does not equate to nationalism, but to smart and creative governance.

Japan needs leadership with the courage to really change the root problems and not use social sedatives and treatments of symptoms to pacify and wow the natives.

Japan needs leadership with the courage to embrace immigration. To make Tohoku a tax free commercial zone for companies investing in Japan. To pursue a global role as a passive peace making state and not drift back to the dead end past of nationalism.

Japan needs leadership that will put people to work in Jobs that will last. To follow what 70% of the nation want and move towards green energy.

Above all to disempower the Oyaji corruption and enable the people of this country to finally come first.

Abe is none of this. His party is none of this. And his nationalistic ideas are a threat to the very lives of the young people in this country.

So take it from a REAL realist. Japan is a house in need of new foundations, not a new flag on the porch. We need leaders who are prepared to build that foundation if we want the house to be strong. The flag helps nothing.

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It doesn't matter one way or the the other. End of!

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Japan needs a strong, stable government and a strong leader. No country has ever progressed with a weak government and weak leadership. The previous governments and prime ministers were very poor and weak and their indecisiveness and the poor decisions they did make hurt Japan very badly, both domestically and in foreign policy.

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