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Do you think North Korea's rocket launch on Sunday is as big a deal as the international community is making it out to be?


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No. As it was not a missile after all. But "yes" in that a satellite will help them create that "sea of fire" they are always threatening us with.

The N. Korean regime are the worst sorts of criminals, no doubt. But I am always wary when the news media and politicians work in tandem to drum up hysteria about anything. Getting the people trained to accept whatever plans they have by whipping up fear.

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Exactly. When I first heard the news about it being a satellite and not a rocket, I thought it was BS. Now it seems that that may very well be the case. However, the Abe regime relies on fear and the siege mentality of the populace for its legitimacy, so I predict that the Jgov is going to milk the fear and hysteria for as long as it can.

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North Korea's last long-range rocket launch, in 2012, put what it called a communications satellite into orbit, but no signal has ever been detected from it.

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The big deal is that there is a loner out there, a state that is only half a people and nobody feels a need to look into and corrects the results of that big war some 70 years ago.

In East Asia it is bickering about small islands and that is called diplomacy.

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commanteerFEB. 09, 2016 - 08:18AM JST

But I am always wary when the news media and politicians work in tandem to drum up hysteria about anything

I think there were people who said the same when Nazis invaded Czechoslovakia in 1939. The question is when to act.

There are people who ignore any fire alarm, believing it must be false.

NK has nuclear bombs and missiles to deliver them to Europe, Asia, Australia and western half of the US. HK attacks South Korea once in a year or so. NK has a very unstable and unpredictable government. How much more alarm is enough?

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When NK attacks, people will say why nobody stopped them earlier; like when Al-Qaeda attacked, nobody believed they could do it.

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In a word yes. It will probably lead to the demise of this evil place. Our only hope.

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But better to keep the masses focussed on NKorea while the international community sorts out bigger problems in the background like ISIS nuisance, Migrant crisis and dropping oil prices.

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It is not a big deal. If that country were foolish enough to attack S.K. or the U.S., they could be wiped off the map in less than a week. Abe will make it a big deal as it furthers his right-wing agenda.

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The North Koreans sent up 1950s vintage suptniks. What do they. All they probably do is go beep. Instead of getting bent out of shape over this we ought congratulate NK for finding a harmless hobby.

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