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Do you think not buying a Nissan car, even if you liked the design and other features, because of what happened to former Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn, is a rational decision?


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it's completely unreasonable. What if a Honda, Toyota, Suzuki or any other big conglomerate's official was involved in something not good, would it affect the quality of their products? No, it wouldn't. Boycotting a certain brand's products out of protest for something offensive a firm did is so common practice right now that people just follow herd behavior and boycott it without even considering how really good that brand is and not because they share the same views of the protests.

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Couldn't care less. If they happen to have the car I want, I'll go for it coz that's the car I want.

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Doesn't matter. I don't like to give my money to people I don't like - simple as that.

However, if being rational is important (though almost every car purchase is emotional), I might be worried about support, parts and maintenance on my car from a company that is almost certainly going to go bankrupt. And who will buy a used car made by a no-longer existing company? Where will the parts come from?

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I bought a Nissan Serena just when the scandal was starting. Simply because it was the best family car, and had the options we wanted

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It isn’t what they did to Ghosn, but what they haven’t done to the others which has removed them as an option for me. Also, being removed as an option means I won’t even look at their models to be able to decide if I like the design or features.

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Do you think not buying a Nissan car, even if you liked the design and other features, because of what happened to former Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn, is a rational decision?


Anyway, I like Toyota's minivans better.

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But that is also greatly influenced by what they haven’t done to others, and also the high probability of the company going bankrupt!

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It's perfectly rational. Brand value is always a big selling point, business school textbooks teach. And Nissan shot itself in the foot in that area, especially after the misdeeds of Saikawa and other Japanese execs whom prosecutors decided not to arrest, not to mention the execs who negotiated a plea bargain with prosecutors for ratting on their foreign bosses while they walked scott-free. A corrupt dirty business all around, and not one that deserves the patronage of consumers.

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I personally don't care about their corporate scandals, as long as their product is of good quality their problems among executives aren't my concern. I've been a loyal Nissan customer since I've been a car owner in Japan and expect to be one for the foreseeable future.

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It's surely an emotional decision, a reaction based on disapproval of the actions of top management, which is then rationalized into a negative stance.

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Powers that be wanted 日産 to remain just that, not 日仏産.

The Dejima mentality continues, illuminated by Covid. Why can't we - like our Japanese friends - come and go as we please? Or are we lesser friends.

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If you think what is happening at the top is a sign of Nissan going down, then not buying a Nissan is a rational decision. It's a big purchase and no-one wants their local dealer to go from 20km away to 50km away or disappear altogether. Your service plan is worth nothing then. No-one wants the second hand value of their car to collapse either.

I'm not a new car buyer so people who do buy them may feel differently.

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I never would buy a new car anyways. My next used car will probably be a Honda or Korean brand. Korean brands have the same quality as the US but 20% cheaper.

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Buying a car is rarely a rational decision.

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G~n was accused of crime . . . not Nissan, he effected escape by breaching the criminal justice system of Japan.

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Nissan Leaf is the best affordable fully-electric car in Japan IMHO. When it came out, you pay low subscription fee so you can have all-you-can-charge sessions in many charging stations. Then they cancel that plan.

Yeah, I don't deal with companies that scream "Don't trust our services, because we'll cancel it at our whim".

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I'm not in the market for a new car, but if I were considering Nissan I could consider the states of mind the people running the company and building the cars.

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Yes. What do we use if not our principles when deciding who to give our money to?

People boycott companies all the time based on their actions, for coffee and other drinks and food, as well as clothing, electronics, toiletries and cosmetics, and entertainment. Why should this be any different - because it's a larger amount of money? All the more reason not to buy from them.

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Pre - Ghosn crisis, general model Nissan cars had the lowest resale value of major makers.

After a series of Toyotas I bought a Nissan because it ticked the needs boxes at that time.

Over 8 years 3 recalls - all for electronics - engine mounts cracking at 50,000ks, new radiator after 40,000ks, and other probs. The dealer (head office) seemed to think that these probs were just normal. Engine was great.

Now back to Toyota and I'd never ever consider another Nissan because of my previous experience and I have no faith in a company that acted the way it did with Ghosn.

It should have all been attended to in house and decisions made by the board in a transparent manner.

Running to the prosecutors to set up a Big Scam scenario to oust him leaves a bad taste in my mouth. And that has no bearing on whether Ghosn did wrong or is even guilty of crimes or not.

Call it as "a matter of principle" similar to buying ethically sourced goods, foodstuffs or supporting environmentally aware / fair companies over profits at all costs businesses.

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Couldn’t give a crap, if I want the car I’ll buy the damn car.

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Was the way they ambushed Kelly and Goshn a rational decision? Its corporate back stabbing, It made no sense what they pulled! Would it affect my preference of buying a car? Yes! Because of the repercussions happening to the Nissan Brand, the company has been hemorrhaging cash since, recovery if there is one is a Loooong ways away! That said if I bought a car today would it carry value in 5 years when its time to get a new model again? During that that time would parts and services be available even though company continued to tank? What if they discontinued the model as it proved to be a slow seller, how long would support for the model be available? The company and its product line needs to be revamped, maybe scrap the Nissan name and run as Infinity and NISMO, resurrecting the Nissan name is going to be quiet the challenge. Nissan has a long way to go and a short time to get there, they need to end the scandal and show the world what they had since Goshn is gone and will not be coming back, show the world that they didn't back stab their CEO because he wasn't Japanese, show the Concrete proof that they had him, otherwise they will not be able to completely recover with this unfinished accusation hanging.

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oh I see, but a very small minority of Japantoday readers are going to buy new cars . I wouldn't , because Nissan cut off its nose to spite its face by slamming Ghosn , who anyone with a brain knows did nothing wrong. In the second hand car market as we all are brand loyalty so nano kankei ne hopapi

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The top management at Nissan were complicit in having Mr Ghosn incarcerated.

Using their power to influence the state to punish the individual in this manner will ensure that Nissan is left OFF my car buying list..,

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