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Do you think Novak Djokovic should be allowed to play at the Australian Open?


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Absolutely, and I also think Australians should be wooing him in, because they don’t have any athletes of his caliber and stature in the whole country. He’s a very special player.

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I'd argue that he's allowed to play in the Open, but (as it stands ) he's not allowed in the country.

But in answer to the question: Sure, why not? Most Aussies are vaccinated, and I assume they have isolation protocols.

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Not only no but ....NO!

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Yes. I don't care much for tennis one way or the other, but allowing him to play would be a wake-up call to Australians that the federal and state and governments are treating them like well-conditioned serfs. One rule for the elite sportspeople, another for the plebs.

However, this has been going on for quite some time and instead of the public casting off the shackles of repeated restrictions, ceaseless testing and the need to grovel for permission to buy and sell (vax passports), they're demanding that everyone be pulled down to the same level. Like crabs pulling down the one trying to escape the bucket.

So I hope Novak plays and wins the title.

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Why are people so obsessed about the sport players? What have they contribute to the society than enjoying themselves playing, getting millions and support?

What about supporting the local farmers where hard working is true and real?

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Let’s see. Did he follow the rules for people entering Australia? No? Then, uh, no.

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What's the point of Australia Open if the all-time champion is not allowed to play? Very open.

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Absolutely yes.

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No, kick him out, especially if he’s not going to abide by the requirements to enter the country.

I know it’s all about money but I think he needs to be taken down a notch, we Aussies don’t like prima donna types.

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No, he should not.

Might have been useful to have added a poll to this one.

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they don’t have any athletes of his caliber and stature in the whole country. 

we do have the world number one woman's player - Barty, who is always polite & accommodating, & follows the rules.

Or don’t women count ?

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If he's eligible he can play, there's still time

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No, deport him asap. He is an embarassment to himself, to Serbia and now to Australia.

Give him a mandatory shot of the vaccine on his way out of the country.

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What's the point of Australia Open if the all-time champion is not allowed to play?

What's the point of any tournament if the winner is a given? Boring.

With him out of the way other folk can have a crack at the limelight, we might see some tight games.

So, No. He broke the rules, kick him out.

No reason someone whose claim to fame is hitting a little ball over a net should not be subject to the same rules as everyone else.

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Yes, he made a personal choice about his body and already had COVID instead of the vaccine, which all science points to giving better immunity than the vaccines anyway once you overcome it. The Australian government are being overly authoritarian, and even the courts said there's no basis on which the government can remove him. The government are being strong-handed and frankly, no different than fascist. Why not do an antigen test? This is a far better indicator of whether someone carries COVID immunity than whether they've had the vaccine or not anyway.

I have a strong sense of pain towards the Australian people and all their government has put them through, and continues to put them through during this pandemic.

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