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Do you think nuclear power should be an issue in the Tokyo gubernatorial election on Sunday?


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Of course it should. Few factors are of such critical importance for this country's future.

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Absolutely not.

Making it an issue when there are no nuclear plants in Tokyo is asinine.

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It shouldn't be! Tokyo has other problems besides N-power!

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Regardless of whether you think it should or shouldn't be an issue (I'm on the shouldn't side), it's politics and they're playing it for all the votes it can get them.

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No. the government needs to review / implement new / stricter safety standards and better employee training at Nuclear power sites. Simultaneously, the govt needs to actively pursue new, safer and cheaper means of providing electricity to consumers.

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Absolutely. It's not like Tokyo is unaffected by Fukushima.......this country really needs to face this problem directly. Vote in candidates willing to talk about it instead of endless bribes and backdoor finangling while the power plants pour radioactive elements into the Pacific and provide deep, deep, deep pockets for the yakuza and a zillion layers of self-feeding blood-sucking layers of parasites working off the humble drones at the bottom actually doing the work!

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It should, but it won't. Voter turnout is pathetic.

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