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Do you think of esports players as gamers or athletes?


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Gamers of course. I used to wonder as a kid why poker was on the wide world of sports program. But then, I’m not sure where to draw the line - are race car drivers, fishermen and hunters athletes or gamers?

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Unless getting in some handheld 2K during the Boston marathon...I mean, really?

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Gamers. Definitely gamers .

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Why not?

The word "sport" comes from an old French word, "desporter," meaning "to amuse oneself in a light, frolicsome manner." The two components of the word are, "des" = away and "porter" = carry. Desporter became disport in English. The original meaning of sport was a light amusement that would "carry you away" from the troubles and cares of everyday life.

The word athlete comes from an ancient Greek word and just means contestant.

Esports players are indulging in light amusement and are contestants, they are also gamers as they are playing a game.

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For me, high level sim racing with force feedback equipment and full distance events requires so much preparation (and believe it or not training!) that it becomes an almost athletic activity.

I knew a retired NASCAR driver who said all the simulations were missing these days was HOT wind in your face (he recommended setting up a hair dryer on 'high' haha) and wearing a helmet and slamming your head against the wall every few minutes! LOL.

But I think racing sims are the only e-sports that I'm aware of where the physical actions carried out by the player are closely analogous the real life activity (in top level competition)?

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