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Do you think self-driving cars will eventually put millions of people out of work around the world?


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well duh, that's the whole point of companies spending billions upon billions of dollars to create autonomous cars. The only way for them to make a profit is to sell the technology and the cars, trucks, taxis, buses, trailers, buggies, vans, etc.... You think the average Joe is going to be buying enough cars to make it worthwhile while the same tech will make car sharing and auto drive pickups the norm?

Oh, but, don't stop at delivery trucks, you need to think much much deeper and see who else will lose their jobs...



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Yes, they will definitely put a lot of people out of work.

But as any blacksmith well tell you, progress destroys some professions, and as any web designer will tell you, progress also creates new professions.

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If the AI cars use their turn signals, I'm good with them replacing most humans on the road.

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No revolution that's sold to us as loudly as this will actually arrive. True revolutions sneak up on us, like TCP/IP.

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Well, of course. But if we withheld technological progress to save jobs, we would all be living as subsistence farmers, riding horses if we were rich enough, and using manual typesetting to write letters.

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Yup and good riddance TBH. So much of humanity has been wasted and destroyed on traffic jams and traffic deaths

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I enjoy driving cars. Hope this technology never gains momentum, well, at least not on expressways.

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Yes. like so much automation and tech. I guess we will have to program them to match local driving idiosyncracies. so here in Japan they will have to drive through lights a fewe seconds after they have gone red and not use indicators. Imagine programming for the lack of lane discipline in India !!!!

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Smash the looms! Burn the presses!

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But as any blacksmith well tell you, progress destroys some professions, and as any web designer will tell you, progress also creates new professions

Very true! BUT, what is happening is we are losing say 6balcksmiths & gaining 3, maybe 4 web designers, a lot of tech the last few decades is actually making a LOT of peoples lives VERY DIFFICULT & its going to get much MUCH WORSE unless something is done.

Modern tech is SUCKING profit to a few & misery to millions!!! Its unsustainable, keep it up & there will be HELL to pay!

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No responsible parent or spouse should entertain a loved one's aspirations to drive anything for a living.

Some cars are already semi-autonomous, with tech for self-parking, reversing with a trailer, even adaptive cruise control and collision avoidance at autobahn speeds.

Expect these to be retrofittable with - and most models to feature - autonomous tech by 2020.

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No, that will transport them and create giant traffic jams. Self-driving transportion has been used for what ? 50 years ? And these companies don't employ less staff than others. For instance, they still put pilots in all planes even if in most cases, the guys in the cockpit only serve to cause accidents or bring passengers into suicide.

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Following GW's post, the famous example is Instagram which employed 10 people when Facebook bought it, compared to Kodak who employed over 100,000 20 years earlier.

AI threatens millions of jobs and in a much shorter timeframe than other technological advances in the past. First World economies also have record levels of consumer debt, whether it is mortgages, or student debt, or credit cards. In the past, if the husband lost his job, the family would have some savings and the wife could go out to work. Now, many people have no savings and are already reliant on incomes from both husband and wife working. There is much less resilience.

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TRUE, but too few see the obvious. I am not against technology, BUT as you say NOW the advances are so quick & devastating, it MUST to factored in or there will literally be HELL to pay.

Ad in with that big business also siphoning massive profit at their own employee's & societies expense & the two are a very real threat to life as we KNEW it, I say KNEW because we are already well down the highway to hell!

But hey plenty of Mc-jobs around so we are all good for now.................NOT!!

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GWSEP. 30, 2016 - 11:33AM JST Modern tech is SUCKING profit to a few & misery to millions!!! Its unsustainable, keep it up & there will be HELL to pay!

It's not tech that's the problem, it's the unsustainable economic model using the tech. For example, self-driving cars wouldn't be necessary if we designed modern cities better to make commutes more reasonable and eliminated urban sprawl. People wouldn't have to worry about new technological developments destroying their industry if we had reasonable social safety nets and low/no-cost job-skills retraining. However, since so much of the modern international economy is driven by short-term profit over long-term sustainability, we don't have those things.

Personally, my only worry about self-driving cars is I love motorcycles, and am worried about if computerized drivers will be able to deal with me as a human sharing the road with them when they are in their comfy ton armored shell and I'm on my open-air two wheels. As for the people about to lose their jobs, they're just one more issue society will have to learn to deal with as technology advances. How we adapt to deal with them will be a good measure of how we'll be able to adapt when the robots come for the rest of our jobs.

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Since there are no longer enough jobs for people of working age, there will have to be a new automatic minimum income for all individuals.

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