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Do you think Shibuya Ward in Tokyo should allow the scramble crossing to be used for Halloween and New Year's Eve reveling, considering the massive crowds these events have attracted in recent years?


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I think they should pedestrianize it once a week, never mind just Halloween. Do they still do that in Omotesando? With no cars, you wouldn't need hundreds of police.

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I'd like to see them try to stop it. It is a public space. In 2000 JR effectively shut down the old Osaka Loop-Line Hallowe'en party with them and the city employing more than 2000 police officers to stop anyone with a costume from entering the stations, but that is a private railway (kind of). The can't bar people with costumes from the busiest crossing in the world, no matter how many people they employ, without also effectively stopping all business in the area, and the commercial machine that Hallowe'en has become. Companies won't allow it, nor will physics.

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Sometimes the only option left even to the most rigid pen pushers is to accept reality. Cole it and make a feature of it.

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Difficult question to answer as-is. Is it asking should they not allow any people to enter central shibuya in the final week of october or final day of the year? Would this be accomplished by building a wall around tye city? Lining the demarcation lines with armed SDSF troops? Creating posters to explain crowd-sourced definitions of manners and how to follow them to be posted in trains stations? Head scratching indeed.

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People appear to be voting with their feet by attending, so yeah just embrace it. Unfortunately, idiots doing things like flipping mini-vans doesn't do the cause any favours.

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