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Do you think social media sites are helping or hindering the flow of accurate information concerning the coronavirus?


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In need of accuracy (despite urgency) we better check or cross-check info from primary and reliable sources. Unfortunately most stories out there seem to be general, moderate or even boring. We should also be patient a bit as official and confirmed info tends to come out much later than viral propagation at SM levels.

Meanwhile, SM may serve as a complimentary info source. It may also be helpful comforting our feelings. A risk is that SM could incubate bias, distrust and conspiracy theories especially during the crisis period.

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Hindering because people don't reference sources published by scientists and governments etc and sometimes get it wrong.

Japan Today needs to flag or delete comments that don't provide a source too (URL necessary too if it's online)

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Social media has been vital in linking to various news sources, and compiling information. Most media sites, especially in Japan, have very little in depth information. You get a headline and a few lines of text that say nothing you didn't know before. "X city has a case of the virus. It's a 35 year old company employee." Then you get a history of the virus in Japan, but no information you can actually use to determine if you might have been exposed.

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Social media is absolutely useless when it comes to all things scientific and technical.

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Almost certainly hindering. The basic model of social media is to reflect back to you what its algorithms say you want to hear. So Facebook and Twitter think your personality coincides with people who think coronavirus is all an irrational panic, those are the news stories and opinion pieces it will show you. Fans of homeopathy will be getting something else. If it means you are more likely to keep using the site and keep clicking, they will happily give you misinformation. The regular media will take positions on issues too, but they cannot personalize their content to your existing worldview to anything like the same extent. There is (or should also be) more diverse ownership of other media, allowing for potentially more viewpoints.

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Social media and comment sites are favored to make Abe's wish come true so he can go down in history as the best PM ever, His cronies I believe are filling social media with false information.

Due to that , I believe firmly they are hindering information.

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Accurate information is out there. It's just hard to find it in the flood of absolute garbage put out there by the armchair epidemiologists (and presidents) who know they know how to do this better than the experts. They do more harm than good, even though they think they're helping.

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There's a lot of hindering.

But it's not surprising. In an age of misinformation and fake news posted for political gain, the virus is a godsend for some of the most malicious people out there.

And then, there are those who are not malicious and actually mean well, but do not check sources and post without realizing they are part of the chain of fake news.

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If the social media is from a reputable source - WHO's twitter, for example. But I pay no attention to those who post below it or who are know it alls.

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There are rumours circulating on social media about some blood pressure medications being linked to an increased susceptibility to catching the covd-19 virus. It's the tentative opinion of two (2) doctors, not tested, not peer-reviewed, no legitimacy beyond that - but it's become a thing on social media, and the real experts have had to advise people to keep taking their medication as usual. Because if they stopped taking those medications, of course, the consequences could be fatal.

So that's one of the problems with social media. People with no idea passing on and amplifying speculative and unproven ideas and potentially causing untold harm by doing so. Gee, who knew?

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No one should stop their medication without consulting with their doctors first.

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