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Do you think some passengers bring too many (or too big) carry-on bags with them when they board planes?


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Most definitely "Yes"! I stick to a regulation size carry on or a small pack that fits under my seat but I seem to be increasingly in the minority. The biggest issue is often not oversized suitcases but the ridiculous amount of omiyage bags my fellow passengers insist on hauling onboard.

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Yes. But I also think that some airlines could do with a bit more leg room. We're passengers, dang it. Can't all afford the upgrades.

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Not really. It used to be worse, especially on Asian flights, where I remember passengers trying to take boxed TV sets on board with them.

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I travel frequently, internationally nearly every month.

One of the more annoying things is when you have your nicely packed one bag and then people roll up with clearly way more than reasonable amounts of carry on, large handbag, backpack or rolling bag and a ton of shopping which they then proceed to smash in to the overhead lockers giving very little thought for anyone else belongings.

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Yes, though the limitations and fees imposed by airlines to boost profits are part of the problem. That said, I have to agree the total lack of consideration for others evidenced by some passengers has in the past made me wish I could throw them and their D****d luggage out at 20,000 feet!!!

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Yes, very much so.

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