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Do you think the Carlos Ghosn case would make for an interesting movie or documentary?


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It'll be a blockbuster, way bigger than Fugitive.

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It will certainly make for a great documentary, once it's all over and the facts are all in.

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Give it ten years (the trials may take 5 at least after all)

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For more or less 20 minutes movie, spending 1,500 yen for the ticket in Japan... awesome. How many explosives would be used in the scene? I'm very interested in it.

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Can't wait! If I am lucky some day I will meet and congratulate the only man who escaped the corrupt Japanese criminal justice system.

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This came up in conversation with friends the other day and all agreed it'd be a great topic for a movie.

I said a Netflix style limited series (maybe 5 or so episodes) would be the best to flesh out the narrative.

We then discussed who'd play Ghosn.

If it was 20 + years ago, Jack Nicholson would've been interesting.

I'm not up with the wide range of current "top" actors, but someone suggested Guy Pearce. He has the vocal skills, look and air to carry it off.

Other suggestions?

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And banned in Japan.

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 How many explosives would be used in the scene?

No explosives, just intrigue and Mission Impossible style masks.

Tom Cruise can play the Green Beret guy ( this will make up for The Last Samurai ), and of course Rowan Atkinson will play Ghosn.

Julia Roberts would be excellent as Carole Ghosn.

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Depends where it is produced.

Not interested if it's in Japan ...

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I think David Suchet would do a good job. But the story isn't over yet. We don't know how it will turn out. And unless Ghosn discloses how he escape, he won't make for much of a story. A drama about breach of trust and underreporting income charges and seeing him interrogated hardly makes for riveting viewing.

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Depends where it is produced.

Not interested if it's in Japan ...

No Japanese movie producer will touch this story.

But if you could find one who would, they would insist on an actor who looks way more sinister than Rowan Atkinson to play Ghosn.

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Other suggestions?

Rowan Atkinson or Ben Kingsley

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Am bored with the concept of another elitist and possible criminal being immortalised in the cinema.

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If they can't get Julia Roberts to play Carole Ghosn, maybe they can get Raquel Welch to agree to de-age a little...

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How could it not? A big shot CEO, that rescued a company from the brink,framed for illegal payments,escaping 400 days under jail and house arrest, in a box undetected,out of the country? Even I could direct that money maker.And even better,it's not a repeat or a sequel.It's original and new!!

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I think that as long as it is not too hollywoodized, doesn't skirt the issues to avoid offending japan, and tells it as it is as honestly as possible, then yeah. It can be amazing.

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If not a movie, then I' d like to see Yamamoto Hyoe make a documentary on it like he did with the Olympus scandal.

Have I just missed it or is there not much info on the supposed other escape mastermind, George- Antoine Zayek? Plenty of stuff on Michael Taylor. Was the box a decoy and the second guy actually Ghosn all along?

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In my post re suitable actors to play Ghosn, I failed to mention my choice.

None other than the infamous Agent Smith of Matrix fame - Hugo Weaving.

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Do you think the Carlos Ghosn case would make for an interesting movie or documentary?

Does it matter in the slightest?

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No, not at all. Aside from the need for a good script, direction, photography, acting etc, to be interesting to me it would need to tell me things I don’t already know. But this case is already well-known. Alternatively, it would need to be so historical that it was no longer well-known, but this case is so recent it’s not even over yet.

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