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Do you think the coronavirus could affect the Tokyo Olympics this year?


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Yes. Just like pets traveling internationally need to spend 30 days in quarantine, anyone coming from a virus hot-spot, not only in China, will need to be tested and possibly quarantined 2 weeks.

Except the Russians who appear to be banned.

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yes. its getting worse not better


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Absolutely. So long as the virus doesn't spread to many people (like at least 10 new cases per day), then I think the Olympics would be fine. Just look at the SARS incident during the early 2000's, it took the world about a year and a half from the first case in China in November 2002, to the last case being reported in May 2004. Let's hope that increased air travel, better medical science and preemptive measures won't draw out this epidemic

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It'll definitely affect the Olympics, wasn't there already a report about a qualifiers being affected?

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I believe this will be under control by then. Not to be complacent, of course, but influenza kills many more each year.

I'm sure a vaccine will be found in the next few weeks.

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WHO declares coronavirus global health emergency


this continues to develope so I don't see this getting better anytime soon. Sars was a threat for about 8 months,between November 2002 and July 2003, and that was considered brief. So I just don't see this clearing up before the Olympics, plus the fact that many Japanese are being repriated without quarantine, so expect a spike in illness that won't be contained by the summer.

But that's just my personal opinion.

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I presume it will die down to a certain extent by then at least because as the temperature warms up in the northern hemisphere, people's immune systems will work better against viruses (like the cold and flu). That's not to say you can predict it necessarily, but it seems to be following typical flu-season virility, no? Starts out in the Northern Hemisphere mid-autumn, peaks between February - March and chills out by May. But who can say? Best to take the most precautionary position and hope for the best regardless.

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Not at all. This virus needs dry and cold conditions to spread. It will not be an issue at all as the muggy summer approaches. Thanks.

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I plan on letting the governments tell me how to think because they know everything.

Haven't you listened to Abe in the diet these last few days? Geeze...he knows everything and I believe him.

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