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Do you think the extended state of emergency in parts of Japan will work for or against the Tokyo Olympics?


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Is there anything that can work “ for” the olympics? The only thing that can work for the olympics is to cancel them.

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Zero impact. The virus doesn't care either way. Get the vac out to every prefecture.

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Imho it won’t change a thing. Only time will tell but I don’t think these pseudo soe,s can make a difference. People getting vaccinated – that makes a difference.

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Super-spreader or not, the Games will go ahead. To the hell with the consequences or deaths.

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agree with all 4 above

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My train was absolutely ram-packed this morning as it is every day. The SoE will have no effect on the Olympics, just as it has had no effect on the virus, or people's commuting habits.

It doesn't do anything except put bar-owners and restaurants out of business.

The only thing that can affect the Olymics is a cancellation. And whether or not that happens, we will be paying for the fiasco for the rest of our lives.

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The SOE will have no affect on the IOC as the IOC only siphons cash from Japan and, according to Suga, is in charge of both Japan and the Olympics.

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No impact at all. Just look at the places under SOE now, nothing seems to be different than it was without an SOE. If anything, it will not help curb the cases ahead of the Olympics unless something drastic happens like vaccine rollouts, forcing companies to allow their employees who can work from home to do so, etc.

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Doesn't work for daily life, why would the Olympics be any different? Get the vaccinations out to the public!

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It will work for the Olympics. However the extended state of emergency creates suffering for business owners of restaurants, hotels, tourisms and so on. Moreover, it brings about condemnation of Japanese citizens.

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Nothing related to the coronavirus pandemic should be assessed against whether the Olympics can go on normally. Tokyo Olympics is a drop in the ocean in terms of finances and impact of Japanese society - no one honestly cares about the event in the midst of a pandemic.

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Having no credible plans to vaccinate citizens is the problem,not the SoE...

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I feel that it really won't change much of anything, if it's anything like the previous state of emergencies. The Japanese government is and has been very weak in addressing the SOE and more so, enforcing it, unlike other countries that have been successful. This enforcement should have been done early and made it mandatory. The other concern is the government talks too much with little or no action. And lastly, the government is very weak in that Bach and the other IOC members have been bullying the government to go ahead with the Olympics; especially at any cost, especially with people's lives and well-being.

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It will do nothing.

Does it feel like an emergency to you?

Everyone still goes out and about. Morning trains are packed, and offices are full, F2F meetings still go on as scheduled.

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Have the lockdowns worked in the past? One way to define insanity is doing the same thing over and expecting to get different results.

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