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Do you think the state of emergency will be effective in lowering the number of coronavirus cases in Tokyo and its three neighboring prefectures?


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Only for as long as it is on and if there is cooperation. Once it’s over it won’t be long until we’ll need another one.

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You don’t expect a honest answer, do you? lol

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Probably too little, too late.

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Hope so.

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If the government does improve testing, contact tracing and discouraging the people from going out during the period then yes. Think of an SOE like having a fever, it feels horrible and you're unproductive but it helps your body fight the illness a lot better. An SOE without stricter anti-pandemic efforts is like a fever for fun.

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First of all I wouldn't call merely closing bars a couple of hours "a state of emergency"...

So my answer, with the current actions, is obviously no. The current state of things will not change anything.

There should be some real, effective measures taken, to actually show this really is a state of emergency. Now it's just a charade, and the J-gov and the governors are simply crossing their fingers.

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No, since nothing much will change after the declaration. Vinke's post said it best.

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It is like Haaa Nemui said, after SOE is over, the numbers will rise again.

Same like everywhere in the world.

A SOE or lockdown can just contain the spread of the virus temporary.

The only solution to contain the Virus permanently is a Vaccine!

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For context Melbourne Australia lockdown as 111 days. I don't think a month is enough if the goals are the same.

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No. Not unless they close schools and implement work and study from home. but closing the bars early is just not going to make much of a difference, if any.

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Of course not.

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To some extent, I think. However, current requests for citizens would not reduce the number of infected people to a safer level, because some of them are apparently take the current situation seriously, going to the restaurant with their friends or family members in the afternoon not at the evening. I think this does not make the condition better. In addition, it is urgent that the government needs to support the medical facilities in a specific areas, otherwise they fall into the condition making them have no choice but to refuse the patient regardless of the symptoms.

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I expect the numbers to come down, and the SOE (Suga) will (undeservingly) get all the credit...

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It’s so extraordinary effective, that although your little izakaya closes at 8 and the country is surrounded by ocean water, the new variant B.1.1.248 has been ‘successfully’ and easily imported without any real need. You have to close the airports instead, you brainless amoebas! Especially for people from top-ranking corona countries. Unbelievable!

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