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Do you think there are Japanese abductees still alive in North Korea?


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In the sense of being taken forcibly from Japan by teams of North Korean agents? I don't know. There are probably many who were encouraged to go there voluntarily with Korean spouses after the war by the Japanese government, to deal with its "Korean problem", and then were forcibly detained once reality dawned.

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No. I don't. And personally, I don't think the J gov does either

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I think they might be, but they probably have been institutionalized or have been assimilated there.

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Abductions of Japanese citizens from Japan by agents of the North Korean government took place during a period of six years from 1977 to 1983.[1]Although only 17 Japanese (eight men and nine women) are officially recognized by the Japanese government as having been abducted,[2] there may have been hundreds of others.[3] The North Korean government has officially admitted to abducting 13 Japanese citizens.[4][5]

That’s some lines from Wiki and therefore I would say, yes, I think according to average life expectancies and under other statistical considerations many of them are highly probably still alive there in North Korea.

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Agreed, yes, but probably unable to be extracted for whatever reason, as suggested above. Highly likely.

Many more South Koreans were forcibly abducted in the same way from along their shores too.

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No, I don't but I didn't believe that there were abductees in the first place. Well, I didn't believe that there were abductees that the government knew about yet did NOTHING about.

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@Mr Kipling

The government did do something, PM Koizumi visited North Korea and brought back all those that were still alive

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What could make anyone think they are all dead anyway? Those who already returned all alive except Mr Jenkins, Unless , Yeah, NK could kill all of them alive then to make their official statement so far real, which is not just a joke

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In Un's Korea they may have starved to death.

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In Un's Korea they may have starved to death.

Yet, modern Yangbans under Kim dynasty have never worried about starvation, not to mention, Kim's family members and relatives. NK kidnapped them for the purpose.

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