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Do you think there should be age limits for drivers? If so, what age?


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No age condition. Performance condition.

When drunk, you lose reflex quick enough ability. Age does same effect, hence some old drivers should be banned for safety reasons.

Drugs, sleepiness, medicine pills lay do the exact same effects but deoends o. Each person.

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At 70 there should be an annual vision, reflex and confusion test. FYI, I'll be there in just s few years, and eould be happy to be tested.

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No. Annual tests after c.75 years of age at most, and try not to charge silly money for them.

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Talking with my mum last week, she talked about the real reason for her giving up her licence at age 80: she did not want to cause other people problems, but most of all avoiding potential problems for her children if something were to happen.

Never mind the eyesight deterioration and the panic attacks. At least she realised the bigger picture.

I empathised, understanding the same can be said for frequently unforeseen effects of suicide and even divorce.

I even thanked her for thinking like that and said that next time I was back there I would drive her wherever she wanted to go.

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Regular checks and you can drive until you can't. 80 year old friend drove me around recently and it was fine, whereas a family member who's a bit younger has had their license taken away due to failing health.

It's a case by case scenario.

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70 the roof, 60-65 if the person is suffering from prolonged physical or mental conditions even remotely affecting his perception and coordination. Stop all those self-entitled growing old elders from ending their driving career with an accident or a tragedy, for their own good.

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The cognitive ability of those who are 60+ varies massively. I don't think a limit is required, but additional testing should be mandatory from 60. However, I don't think it will be an issue in 10+ years when driver less cars are the norm.

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