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Do you think TV programs these days provide much higher quality entertainment than movies?


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What, in Japan?

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Definitely, especially U.S. and British TV programs. I think it's always been that way. Movies tend to rehash the same topics, but TV shows are often well written an d more original. Recently, I have been watching programs from the 1970s, such as "Columbo" and "Kojak." And despite the outdated fashions, cars etc, the stories hold up well. More recently, I have been enjoying "The West Wing" and "Twin peaks" all over again. Great viewing.

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I think it's an open secret that Japanese TV is the worst on the planet. Most Japanese with any brains quit watching long ago. There are exceptions.

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It's quite obvious that in this digital age, TV shows are thriving because the quality is just so much better while the quality of the movie seem to be dying. With the online streaming of Nexflix and Hulu Plus, the television has gained the upper hand when it comes to the war between TV shows and movies. The bottom line is that television is on an entirely different level right now. So let's face it. The television is winning the battle by a landslide.

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What a ridiculous question. The range between good and bad in both genres is waaay to big to make sweeping comparison.

Breaking Bad >> Transformers 4

Prisoners >> Land of the Lost

Fringe >>> Plan 9 from Outer Space

Inception >> Beverly Hills 90210


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@gaijinfo The question says "these days." While there's still good and bad on both sides, I think there's definitely been a shift toward TV for better writing and stories. Hollywood movies are geared more toward international markets these days, so there's less focus on quality writing and storytelling (which gets lost in translation anyway) and more focus on special effects. TV shows generally don't have the budget for big effects, so they need a better story.

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The question could've been a little more specific.

In terms of Japanese TV - no way. Name one intellectually stimulating programme with thought-provoking commentary. Or how about some investigative journalism, tackling the real issues? Just never going to happen. Year after year, same has-beens, same programming, same awful pop "stars", same old.

In terms of Japanese dramas - again, same old. Here's the template: (random pop star / occasional actor) + (beauty products model) + (nondescript workplace of choice) + (nondescript city setting / rural area) + typical 'hopeless in love' story. The originality is killing me.

In terms of dramas abroad, definitely. Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, House of Cards - all winners. Sitcoms jumped the shark many years ago. Most are not funny.

In terms of documentaries, for sure. The BBC has been producing some excellent documentaries as of late. You can also find some really good original material on YouTube, such as pieces from VICE (all free).

In terms of "golden time" television (ie. where viewer numbers are at their peak), definitely not. Western TV is nothing but reality TV shows. Choose your flavour - cooking, DIY, career, bachelors - you name it. Save us the awful acting and melodrama!

I pay for content, but refuse to watch free-to-air. The repetitiveness of Japanese commercials is a test of one's sanity...

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In the U.S -- for sure. Most of the summer movies this year were nothing but re-makes of re-makes. And if you don't like 3D and CGI/computer animation, you were pretty much out of luck. But with the advent of viewing on demand for all the top TV shows, -- network and cable and on-line -- there is a great supply of quality programming to watch.

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I'm still waiting for the new version of "24".. (I have always been a big fan of "Colombo").

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The question was qualified with the condition, "these days," meaning recently. This means Plan 9, Beverly Hills Cop, Land of the Lost, et al., don't really count.

In Japan, that's a hard question to answer, as both the film and TV landscape in this country are largely littered with garbage. But if we're talking about American TV, then yes, TV dramas are infinitely better scripted than most American movies put out today. Of course, the continued proliferation and consumption of American "reality TV" more than wipes out any gains American TV may have made for itself in the respect department....

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