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Does it seem strange to you that the International Olympic Committee announced a plan to move the marathon and race walking events of the Tokyo 2020 Games to Sapporo without first discussing it with the mayor of Sapporo?


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Yes, it was inappropriate.

The IOC needs to be called on side-stepping protocol (and decency !!!!).

A real show of disregard / disrespect for the Japanese Host - an entirely supercilious act.

Shame !


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Believe me, the mayor knew and gave a positive nod.

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I think it was to force the government's hand. I bet the IOC raised doubts about the suitability of the location and the Japanese side said "Yeah yeah yeah it'll be fine" but the IOC weren't impressed with how they were going about it and just announced it to the public to force them to go along with it. I highly suspect the IOC did a bit of research and consulting (nemawashi) though, they wouldn't want to make themselves look stupid and hey look it's actually going to happen fancy that....

Looking forward to reading about what actually happened after the Games have passed though, everyone's going to keep a straight face until it's safe

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Yeah, it's really "strange" because it's the "Tokyo Olympics," not the Sapporo Olympics or even the Japan Olympics.

As for the heat, you'd think that all these geniuses would have thought about that beforehand.

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Yeah, it's really "strange" because it's the "Tokyo Olympics," not the Sapporo Olympics or even the Japan Olympics.

That's not really that strange. 'Rio de Janeiro Olympics', in 2016, had some football games outside the host city, for example. The main problem, I suppose, is that marathon is considered the flagship event at the Olympics. Also, why not Nagano, for example, which is much nearer than Sapporo?

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Funny thing I heard on numerous different news broadcasts about this subject. Japanese commentators were FINALLY making negative comments about the date of the Olympics in July next year, and laying the blame for it directly at the feet of the US broadcasters who paid for the rights to the games, and forced the JOC into hosting the Olympics in July.

Also that it appears that the JOC only saw the ¥¥¥¥¥¥¥ signs and made inferences that they really weren't concerned about the athletes and the weather conditions.

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