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Does sleeping in separate beds make for a happy marriage or relationship?


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It does for some, it doesn't for others. I can't sleep without the soothing sound of my wife's snoring.

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Depends on the individual and couple. The whole notion of couples sharing a bed is a social construct so it's really up to you. Personally, I like sleeping alone as I've always hated sharing a bed with someone. I just can't get a good night's rest if I have to sleep next to a person.

There's an interesting article about this talking about the pros and cons of sharing a bed with your partner:


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It depends on the couple.

A similar issue is whether you have a routine or routines relating to having sex with a long term partner. This may seem forced or unromantic, but it can ensure that get round to doing it. With busy lives and extra distractions from children and their problems, leaving it to spontaneity may mean having no sex at all. This "routine" can of course be mood making things like Netflix and chill or opening a bottle of wine. It does not have to be a timetable, like lessons in school.

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To each their own. But my guess, in the early stages, since couples are still pretty horny (for most), same bed should do it.

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I personally think that sleeping in separate beds isn't better for the relationship as it creates distance in the long run and unhappy marriage and promotes infidelity. When it comes to a better night sleep, yeah it can be better as some snore or move around a lot at night and make a good night rest impossible for the other which can create sleep deprivation and lower performance at work. Maybe sleep together when you feel like some action between the sheets

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It makes for a way better sleep.

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No wonder divorce is quite normal in Japan.

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How about separate continents?

Ha.Separate mattresses or futons are good Everyone sleeps in a different manner,active or somnolent.

Separate rooms can be exciting,with a surreptitious swing across verandahs in the wee hours.

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unless you have a sleeping disorder I think not sleeping with your partner is questionable…why get married in the first place?

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Sleeping in separate beds is a matter of survival when it comes to sumo wrestlers' wives.

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I sleep better on my own bed (matress). However if it's a futon it doesn't matter, I'm less disturbed.

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Sleeping in separate beds is a matter of survival when it comes to sumo wrestlers' wives.

HAAHAHAHA!! brilliant!!!

I used to work in Ryogoku. I'm always truly amazed that Sumo wives are TINY little things- I honestly wonder how they have sex.

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