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During the pandemic, have you taken part in any online drinking sessions or social gatherings with either friends or work colleagues? If you have, was it fun?


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What a stupid question.

How can online drinking be fun???

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One coworker set up an online poker game which I joined. That was quite fun although I only broke even. I think I was drinking tea.

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I have done it with my childhood friends, it feels weird since we never met online before and always saw each other in person all the time. I would never even consider having an online meeting with mo co-workers for fun, just the name and their faces elevates my stress hormones and fight or flight response.

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it's lame, to ay the least.

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Why kind of social gathering? Sensual?

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Well, it was certainly new and different, but that's what made it fun.

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Absolutely great. Can go out drinking with my friends and not leave the house.

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No - its a ridiculous concept to do domestically with people you work with and hope it goes away with the Pandemic. Social gathering???

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I drink at home and enjoy the company of my wife and kids.

The good thing about our company is that drinking parties were rare even before the pandemic, so my answer is no

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I was invited by my butt a few times but politely declined.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA! Brilliant Brother!! Thanks for the laugh!!

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Yes, and yes.

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