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During the state of emergency in Japan, have you been getting takeout meals to support restaurants in your community or shopping more at supermarkets?


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We have frequented two restaurants for take out but mostly have saved money by buying and cooking our own food. What a concept.

I wonder how many families (ie mothers) have decided cooking at home is better than convenience stores’ (which are typically 30-50% more expensive than supermarkets) processed and packaged food.

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I think it's important to support small local/family businesses, esp those that have seen their takings vastly reduced.

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Been having take away with her indoors each Friday instead of going to a restaurant. Otherwise everything prepared fresh at home. I think we’re eating better than ever.

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Both, but I tend to buy more from those mom and pop shops since they're the kind of businesses that need more support and their home cooking is like none other

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Here in Fukuoka there has been nothing even resembling a true "state of emergency".

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Now that it's mentioned, I haven't been to a restaurant in a while. I can call in take out orders, no problem.

I'm also down with the whole "pay now, eat later" idea if it keeps businesses afloat during these times.

The one thing I can't do is sit down in a restaurant and eat. Full stop.

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