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For those of you who are teleworking at home, what are some of the biggest distractions?


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having to do house chores, especially cooking, during working hours. But that's a distraction that I can manage, at least it's a productive distraction. I can't say for others but thankfully my work did not install monitoring software on our PC's that make you sit in front of your computer all the time and will report to the management if you've been away for the keyboard for 3 minutes or more or have been doing non-working stuff on your PC.

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My husband's biggest annoyance/surprise is that because they're working from home during the week, everyone just assumes they're also available to work on the weekend. Before the lockdown he'd get a couple calls during the weekend but now they're calling, emailing, and having random meetings all day during the weekend as well.

Also, one of the operators requested that when they have their 3x a day zoom meetings that they have a plain white background with the camera level to their face capable of seeing from their waist up with nothing invading the background space. The only place in our house where this is possible is in our daughters bedroom and we had to move her school desk in front of the door to the balcony to do it. She is not a happy lass.

You give someone power in Japan and they abuse it like you wouldn't freakin' believe.

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none. I loved teleworking and would gladly go back to it in a heartbeat

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Work ! Otherwise teleworking is much better, in terms of quality of life.

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kids, beer.

And I am used to having my space, my desk, my music at work. I don't have any of those at home

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cold beer in the fridge at noon.

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My bed. Can’t beat a siesta.

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The Japan Today site, especially the comments sections.

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JeffLeeToday  12:46 pm JST

The Japan Today site, especially the comments sections.

This. LOL!

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The fridge.

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Real life is distracting... I hate working from home!

I miss the drive to and from the office, being in my office... and a clear separation of work life from home life. MS Teams meetings are a pain, at least 2 per week... and then there are the people who enjoy working from home pushing the agenda that we should keep doing it after the virus has left these shores.

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have a plain white background with the camera level to their face capable of seeing from their waist up with nothing invading the background space.

You can use a virtual background. I've used it with Zoom, but I've never shown my chest, just the head. My favourite background is a waterfall.

Just make sure you don't take the laptop with you if you're taking a shower and then assume that the minimize button switches off the camera. This sort of scenario has led to resignations.

My biggest distraction: all day access to JT.

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Twitter. I'd essentially been working from home doing a master's for 3 years so I can avoid distractions quite well (luckily)...

I'm not keen on having to go back to teach in a room at a university really

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We all know the answer to this question ;)


(Mitchell and Webb sketch on "working from home")

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my joystick

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JT Comments.

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My biggest distraction is having to get up from the bed, write an email, then go back to sleep.

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Fridge, beer, porn, siesta...because of exactly these points many japanese companies refuse to do Telework.

Because these are exactly the points the managements are worried about their staff will do during Home Office.

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My birds want to play during class sometimes....

I just hate sitting all day in front of the PC..

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