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For those of you with children younger than, say, 7, how do you discipline them when they misbehave? How did your parents used to discipline you?


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My parents used to take me searching for wild vegetables in the mountains.

Sometimes when they were funny, when I got home from school, there would be a note on the door saying, "Sorry, we moved. Cookies on the table and milk in the fridge."

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My parents used to leave me in the forest on my own. I learned many skills that proved useful in adult life. J. Rambo.

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For the most part, we don't discipline our kids, as they don't do anything bad enough worth disciplining. The closest would be taking away the Wii U if they aren't doing their homework or whatever.

I used to get spanked at that age myself. I also got sent to my room a lot. I can't remember if that discipline was actually effective enough to stop me from doing whatever it was I was in trouble for, because I can't remember what I was in trouble for.

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First, I avoid allowing opportunities for trouble to occur. A child can't get into trouble if there is no trouble within reach. Next, I stay positive all the time, and very positive when my children do good things, like eat all their food, clean up well, and study hard. A frown from me when they do something wrong is usually all that is necessary for them to straighten up.

When I was a kid, paddles still existed in schools, and I knew what a belt felt like on my backside. Those were very effective to keep me in line, and behave. But I remember enough from my childhood about the things which motivated me to misbehave, and I watch for those things with my children.

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I don't think there could be any text book rules to discipline kids. Each kid is special and born with some personality trait. As for parents approach in my case my parents made sure that they were well aware of all my acquaintances, friends during my growing years. Indirectly I think they just wanted to make sure that the environment around me is clean enough. I realized this only when I got into that phase of my life ;)

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Negotiate. When they get out of hand up to their room for a good chat. Ridiculous behaviour gets a tap on the butt and a stern talk. Too many young kids telling their parents what to do and running the household these days. Old man would give a boot in the backside if I was being a little brat. Luckily I got the hint early and never had problems in or outside of school.

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Simply put every child is different and there isn't a single discipline strategy that works for children. However there are some basic discipline strategies that can be effective such as providing structure, routine, solving problems together, praising, using logical consequences, and allowing safe natural consequences.

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I used to get smacked on the bum if I did something really bad, sent to my room if it was just bad. At school I got the belt a couple of times - for those not in the know, in Scotland the belt is a long leather strap with a fringed end and is used to belt your open hands, one at a time... hard. Sometimes they'd miss and get your wrist. If I remember rightly the two occasions I got belted were when the whole class failed a French test, so we all got it... and the other time for not doing my homework. Ah the joys of youth hahaha

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My parents used to crucify some sense into me.

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My parents, whatever their faults were, never even pretended to abandon me. Abandonment is frightening for a child. They are no helicopter parents but they were the sort of parents who always let me know they were close by. My parents would never have kicked me of a car in the wilderness no matter how badly I misbehaved.

With all the terrors of childhood aside, I was at least secure in the belief I would not be abandoned.

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My father actually got abandoned much like this poor kid did, on the side of a road in rural Ohio. Sixty years later, he still brings it up as an example of how not to discipline kids.

Me, I got the belt.

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When I misbehave, I would whether get a time out or whooping with the belt, switch, or at one point a extention cord. You may think it is child abuse, but it made me a great man.

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@ MsDelicious - LOL, We lived in a house trailer when I was in High School. One day, when I came home from school, the house was gone. My parents hadn't said anything. Fortunately, I found it a few minutes later.

With our granddaughter, who we raised for a few years while mom got her sh@t together, my "discipline" usually started with "Renachan, you know I love you very much, but..." By the end of the encounter, she would be hugging me even if she was mad.

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I used to threaten my kids with all kinds of torment. Now they threaten me with the worst nursing home they can find. There's a kind of beauty about that.

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Nag, nag and bag-my kid will do anything just to shut me up......

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I had a huge conscience when I was younger and told on myself if I did something wrong, and I tried to stay out of trouble. But if I did do something wrong (even if I tattled on myself), I got spanked, probably up until 12 years old. Then my parents switched over to long discussions and privilege-taking after that (taking away video games, etc.). Now, every time I hear the words, "We need to talk," or "let's talk," I immediately think it's about something wrong I did.

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My dad used to whack me when it was necessary and I don't doubt it was.

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