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For those of you with young children, how are you dealing with their requests to have cell phones?


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I had to deal with this many years ago, just tell them no! I will admit that this was before smart phones, they were just simple cell phones, but I told my children that they could have a phone when they could pay for it all by themselves. Parents need to stop trying to be their children's friends and start being their parents, there is no room for negotiating with children! Give them everything, and they will like you, but they will not respect you, and you most likely won't like what they grow up to be!

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My wife absolutely insisted on getting the iPhone for us and our son about 5 years ago based on peer pressure from her housewife friends. I blame these phones for my son's poor vision now but who cares what dad thinks.

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One of my friend's 5 year old kid was asking for a smartphone since he saw his dad playing games on it. What he told me he did was he bought a non-colored 999 in 1 brick games and the kid was already satisfied with that.

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My daughter is 13, does lots of extracurricular stuff, and has a lot of changes of plan. However, her school has a payphone, Kumon has a payphone and sends automated text messages, and her club coach sends messages out on Line. The number of changes of plan is ridiculous to be honest, but she manages without a phone. If the payphones weren't available, I suppose we'd have to get her a kid's dumbphone. Not because we are soft parents, but because lots of people seem to think it is acceptable to change plans and expect parents to react at short notice. The kids here are banned from cycling in winter due to icy roads, so she has to be picked up.

Depending on the child's situation, a dumbphone might be necessary, but kids shouldn't have a smartphone before senior high. A tablet at home is more than enough.

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If they need a phone, and it's not a bad idea, DO NOT give them a smartphone. The ability to text and call is all they need.

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