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Has the coronavirus changed your sleep pattern in any way?


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I would say not at all. If any, I am just more conscious of my sleeping hours and aim to get more bedtime compared to the pre-pandemic. This whole thing just taught me to be more particular about my physical and mental health.

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thanks to that situation i had much more time could spent with my family so as from my point of view-i have slept longer and very well.

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increased my insomnia which was pretty bad to begin with

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Yes can sleep later not having to got to an office to be bothered by slakers that stop to chat about non-work BS.

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Possibly subliminally, but nothing that I am really aware of. Perhaps I have become more reflective as I wake up and watch the clouds scudding across the sky.

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Sleep better and more because no commute.

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I do envy those who WFH. The first SOE when Abe actually shut it down (about the only thing he did where I had praise for him) we were all working from home and like all above, I slept better than I ever did. Unfortunately it lasted for only a couple of months before the office asked us back to the office.

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WFH is bad in many ways because it stops you from segregating your work life and home life.

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When there's SOE or quasi, we are asked to WFH. When there's none, we are back to the usual office routine. Sadly, despite high productivity and less cost brought by WFH, the dinosaur way of thinking in my office would still require us to go back to the office because there's no quasi-SOE as of the moment.

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Lie awake at night worrying about infections and unable to sleep because of lack of proper control over the virus.....

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No, not sleep. Just tedious wakeful needless angst.

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