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Have you been eating out at restaurants much recently as coronavirus cases surge?


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No. We haven't been inside any restaurant since Feb. They all have curbside delivery. We don't pay extra for delivery people/drivers.

We've been preparing meals at home with perhaps 1 meal a week using take-away since mid-March.

Before COVID, we would eat out inside a restaurant 1-2 times weekly.

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Yes of course, no change. It’s even better now that there’s less people as cases are surging by single digits everyday!

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No, from an average of once a day, business and pleasure, i have reduced those visits by 90 %. Those i still frequent have big outside terraces and no staff with those ridiculous ineffective plastic mouth masks. I am lucky my wife is a great cook. I estimate i would spent close to a million a month previously for business and private restaurant visits, that is now down to 100.000 to 150.000 yen.

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Have you been eating out at restaurants much recently as coronavirus cases surge?


Before COVID, we would eat out inside a restaurant 1-2 times weekly.


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More so now. Cheaper than before (most places at lunch are one coin - 500 yen) and not as crowded. More places offer takeout now as well.

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Yes. This whole thing has been ridiculously overblown. The "cure" has now become worse than the disease.

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Food cooked by sweaty dirty hands?

Food served by dirty careless hands?

Why don't you stop working overtime and make time for your own food. If you can't then you don't need Kitchen at all.

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Not this year. My wife is very happy and lucky because I'm a great cook. Last night made beef butter curry. No Indian restaurants in our history. We just don't want to deal with all the covid restrictions when going to a restaurant.

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Take out only since March.

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No. I can probably count on one hand, certainly both hands, the number of times I have left the house except for work and shopping. We used to go to sushi or yakiniku restaurants several times a month, but not now. I hate those despicable masks, so I won't go anywhere that requires them. My wife, not so much. She was used to wearing masks due to her allergies, so she takes up most of that work. If you want me to patronage your business, get rid of silly mask rules. Until then, I'm a "stay home" guy.

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More than ever. Need to support the Restaurants. On the premise that they are following Covid guidelines.

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...and I can actually get a Reservation is some places on the day , rather than having to call a week in advance. That only benefits me and is NOT helping the Restaurants as such, but its nice while it lasts.

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No, but we have been ordering take out from restos a lot more since the outbreak

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Mostly take outs for us as a family now as it's just more relaxing to eat at home but I do regularly go to one of a few favourite local places each week. They are well ventilated and limited capacity or offer outside seating anyway.

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We've never been big eater-outerers (I enjoy cooking, and I flatter myself I'm a pretty good cook), usually just things like birthdays and anniversaries. Mr. cleo is in a vulnerable category and hasn't been in a restaurant since the start of the State of Emergency, so he opts for take-outs instead.

I've been out with a girl-friend for lunch a few times, not as often as before, always the same Italian place where they have hand sanitiser, masks till you sit down, partitions between tables, etc. I feel quite comfortable there, and don't feel restricted (and the food is good), but I will be glad when Mr. cleo can come out with me again.

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Free curbside pickup or delivery

Eating the food at home is still the best

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Eating out more now than before thanks to go-to eats.

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No. When we do go out we pretty much stick to our local, the bloke there has been practicing social distancing guidelines pretty strictly and chucks out those who think the rules don’t apply to them. A couple of times we have gone elsewhere and we left sharpish when we saw customers squashed together and screaming and shouting allowed. Two places wouldn’t let me in, my husband was welcome though.

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Absolutely not.

We have been out by my count 2 times since Feb as a family. We do get Uber eats fairly regularly.

In early April, I reluctantly went along to a nomikai to welcome the new guys (and girls) to my department in a local Chinese place we go to. (That practice has since wisely become a no-no.) It was filled. I remember thinking "This is a BAD idea." Since then, not once.

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Yes, every day for lunch, every couple of days for supper. I also have a business breakfast about once a fortnight.

Uber Eats is overpriced. They have only ever delivered my food cold and their cyclists are a menace on the roads.

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