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Have you ever been to Yasukuni shrine? If yes, what was your impression?


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Yes, we almost go there every OBON. My impression...??? Solemn, forgiving, pity, young innocent boys that gave their lives for their country, misinformed...in total...every time me and my husband visit we have the feeling that this war was a total mistake..the more I learn about it, the more I think of such. Really sad.

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I go frequently, and have at least one hanami party there every year. I don't worship or throw money in though.

I once visited the museum. The bookstore there is extreme and was a shock to my system. The shrine is fine. The nation would be better off if the museum burned to the ground.

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It is pretty and the museum is a good way of seeing the history of Japanese imperialism from the Japanese point of view. not ure i agree that the those remebered there "gave their lives for their country". More likely they had their lives taken from them by their country. After all, none of the wars remembered there were wars of Japan defending itself from foreign invasion - rather were Japan invading other countries....

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I went once just to get the sense of the place, and on August 15th to boot. It was very solemn and not nearly as weird as I thought, though there are certifiably crazy people there, such as the nice man who suggested Japan would be better off if it had another "red purge" and shot all the communists in the government. He actually said that.

If you go, make sure you eat the Navy Curry, it's great.

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I have been there many times. Solemn and peaceful. Honouring Jaoan 's war dead like any other country . Museum interesting though.

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It is a time capsule with sad content that should not be criticized by the value of today.

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The museum is an insult to decent people.

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the nice man who suggested Japan would be better off if it had another "red purge" and shot all the communists in the government.

But I'm gonna add this guy to my list of people I'd like to have dinner with. I wonder what his opinion on gun control in Japan is?

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Have been there a few times. It is a nice place (on the surface). Went there for a hanabi once and had the worst yakisoba I have ever tried in all my years in Japan. Much like cathedrals or churches or temples, I have no special feeling for the place. I visited to see what kind of place it is.

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