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Have you ever used a capsule hotel in Japan? If so, what was the experience like?


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Yes, one time. It was fine with a large bath floor, and place to have a beer and watch tv. Once you enter your capsule it is pretty quiet with a tv and comfortable bedding. However, I would only pay 1/2 of a hotel room for this situation.

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Would like to use one when visting Tokyo. Couple Capsule though. Surprised that it is not popular in smaller countries like in HK..S.Korea.

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Great. Everything you need really and far less claustrophobic than you might think.

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Greatest thing ever invented by man. Cheap, big showers & baths, and quiet enough for shut-eye. All I need really.

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Still haven't tried one. Not sure it'd do my aching joints any good.

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I sometimes use them when traveling alone because they often have really good baths. One person snoring can ruin your night's sleep though.

I remember staying at a really small, run-down one in Hiroshima around twelve years ago. When I went to the bath, it was just me and an older Japanese guy. He looked like a really ordinary salary man, maybe about 60 years old, in a plain grey suit. However, when he took it off he was completely covered in tattoos, neck to ankle. Added a little colour to my trip (literally).

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I used one before, I had to meet some people in Ginza in the morning, and it was a strange experience.Seem the place was run by a right wing guy, lots of hair tonics etc in the common area shower, like the whole sink area was populated with these products.

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They're good if you're somewhere for a night, and only really need a place to stay, not a room. I'll do it on a trip to Osaka where I know I'm going to be out drinking all night and out early in the morning.

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