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Have you given up on 2020 because of the coronavirus and are now just looking ahead to 2021?


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we're roughly halfway through the year and I'm still betting that some miracle might happen and put this man-made disaster behind us. Although for this year, I've placed a lot of my plans on hold and would just spend the remaining half of 2020 to save up for 2021.

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Yes, I have. Nothing is going to improve until the second wave finishes next Spring.

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I am looking as far past 2021 as possible. Things are not going to return to normal, even after this virus passes. We are seeing a permanent shift, and the virus was just the spark. Thinking very hard about how to get by, and hopefully thrive, in a very different future.

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we are not going to see the end of this thing in 2021. Anyone who thinks that is deluding themselves

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Of course not - how melodramatic can you get!

People, don't waste your lives by 'giving up' on months of it. Just because you can't do certain things, doesn't mean you can't do anything. Life is short enough, without getting precious about little things like not being able to eat out or go to concerts or what have you.

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Which is not to say I am dismissing those who, for example, have lost work (and therefore money) and are struggling as a result; or have missed important family events, and been unable to visit the sick and dying who live overseas. For you, I am sorry,

But for most people, the 'hardships' are inconsequential in the grand scheme of things.

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No I have not. The year I beat my cancer and continue to recover. I have avoided the virus. I live every day and enjoy it. There's a lot to live for.

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No, still got a life to live and stuff to do.

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Maybe I read this question differently from some people. I didn't take it to mean giving up on life. That would be ridiculous. But so far as travel, business, income.... yeah, this year is pretty much shot.

But for most people, the 'hardships' are inconsequential in the grand scheme of things.

Everything is inconsequential in the grand scheme of things. In the long run, we are all dead. That doesn't mean there will not be real problems down the road. And most people I know have lost income from this. If they haven't, there is a great likelihood they will - because this is just getting started. Anyone who has a family to support needs to use this year to plan ahead.

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Pretty much. Just hoping to come through as unscathed as possible.

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Yes, I have given up on this year. I feel like I have been robbed of a year and next year I will be older and less healthy. There was so much I wanted to do in 2020 but couldn't and there are things I want to do next year but may not be able to because of this horror year.

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This year sucks. Couldn't have started the new decade any worse than this.

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Seeing as how my big plans this year involved international travel, yes, this year is shot. With that and the reduced paycheck, I'll just be getting by this year, and hoping for better days ahead.

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I haven't given up, no.

Like Commanteer, business and income have hit the skids.

The gift of 2020 is time to focus on what's important, ditch low-value activities/clients and start creating the future, not wait for it to happen.

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My wife has one more chemotherapy left.

This year has been unlike any other but we have still laughed, had fun and made memories to last a life time.

Sometimes it's hard to remember but

Lifes such a short time when it takes such a long time

Enjoy everyday.

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2020 is a great year. Had the time to sell a bunch of things that have been sitting and I didn't really need. I always purchased physical metals (gold/silver) so those are up. Had to restructure a few assets to take advantage of Covid-19. Working from home more (like everyone else) so it seems I have more time. Trying to automate things more to gain more life time for myself that I am using to improve my health and happiness. May work on my pilots license as a way of social distancing while still being able to get out and travel. Thinking of things that I always wanted to do but previously passed on due to time constraints. Maybe new business opportunities while others are going thru their Covid adaptive phase(s). Updating computers to larger multiple screens 32"+ 4k so I can get more than my previous 34" ultrawide LG (3 pages of text to maybe 20). May try some online classes.

excited about these things:

RAV4 Prime and other electric hybrid vehicles bringing 40-70mpg due to the larger 15kwh batteries.

AMD multicore cpu/server chips (Ryzen etc)

Power of Siberia gas line (Gazprom)

Exciting solar and battery technology. +battery shortages.

Exercise machines with large 32" screens (Android O/S)

I don't video conference, but since now it is expected I will work on my set-up etc.

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2020 is decent for me, finally managed to get a house after a decade of savings, and first-ever car purchase, work is going well too.

But, what makes people think that 2021 is gonna be better ? Have you been paying attention to the news ? Ebola spike, China arming themselves, record unemployment, we won't feel the effects at least until next year.

In addition arctic ice at record low, record rainfall and flooding, these weather phenomenons are not isolated to 2020, it's a trend that gets worse every year.

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We live in a nice place so I'm not that bothered about going on holidays any more. I'd like to go and see my family, but that's not possible. My main concern is what happens with the economy and whether/when it hits my main income. My tourism-based sideline has disappeared for the foreseeable future.

In our day-to-day lives, we've got three kids, so there's always plenty going on. We can't postpone them growing up, so no wishing any time away here! I like to do outdoor stuff and push myself pretty hard, so again, no wishing away any time for that. My age plus one will just make it harder.

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Not given up but had to readjust quite a few plans.

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No, giving up because of a virus is laughable!

I just started another side business due to the virus so I am upbeat.

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